Let's learn from landowners in North Texas and the Barnett Shale

I own about 100 acres in Shelby Co, Texas- and I also have five properties in the Barnett Shale - in North Texas. The first lease I signed with only got $2000 per acre in August' 2007. I signed my second lease in April'2008- and we received checks on the day of signing (not drafts) for $23,000 per acre with a 25.5% for a 3 year lease- which is renewable after 3 years with an additional cash bonus at that time of 3/4 of the initial bonus. Prices continue to go up ... now landowners are getting $28,000 to $30,000 per acre.

Remember early production numbers in the Haynesville Shale indicate that this play is much more productive than the Barnett Shale- in North Texas. BE PATIENT- WAIT BEFORE YOU SIGN A LEASE.

Conservatively- O&G Companies will make a $1 million per acre net of their costs -over the life of the Haynesville play. O&G Companies will recoup their costs within 30-45 days of drilling- then they will reap windfall profits. Why shouldn't the landowners also earn a LARGE PAYDAY- more than $30,000 per acre with- Royalty of 30 percent for the initial 3 year term???


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Comment by Keith on January 22, 2009 at 12:58pm
Hello Professor fred, my name is keith and I have recently joined this web site to obtain information concering the Haynesville Shale...I would love the opportunity to discuss some issues with you as well as gain some knowledge,please let me know whats a good way to contact you, thank you


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