CAUTIOUSLY Optimistic: Glass Half Full POV

An op-ed piece by Don Briggs with some "cautiously optimistic" stats. Of course, I would prefer a 75% glass full, or a 90% glass full POV, but, hey, hysterical pessimism is limited my vocabulary and not a habit of my practice. Enjoy! 80)
from the article ...

"Louisiana's recovery in drilling activity has consistently outperformed all U.S. drilling activity. Of course, the Haynesville Shale activity in Northwest Louisiana is the shinning star responsible for this growth. Currently, there are 138 rigs drilling in Northwest Louisiana, up from 73 drilling this time last year. Projections for the next six months estimate that another 20 rigs could be added to the Northwest Louisiana fleet."

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Comment by sesport on March 23, 2010 at 5:18pm
Boy, give someone an inch, and they want to super-size it!!! lol Okay, I'll be cockeyed pollyanna optimist for all of you folks up in that neck of the woods. After all, the area DID go bust in the 80's, now it's about 25 yrs. later and look what we have.

More seriously, I'm thinking that Mr. Briggs has ever so slightly changed the tone of this article compared to some of his recently previous op-ed pieces. I wonder if he's worried that the guy from the NMOGA could be vying for his job??? (said in jest)

As for the numbers, I'll agree with him and be cautiously optimistic until we know with more certainty the direction that legislation is going to take.

Comment by S.H.M. on March 23, 2010 at 1:18pm
All I want is one HS rig in my section. Just one. (Okay, that's a fib, but I will start with one.)

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