Cheap Production Query and Economic Forecasting Software for Royalty Owners and Proffesionals

I saw a thread brought up recently in the play/formation discussion forums where many goHaynesvilleShale users were very interested in pulling production and predicting future royalty payments.  I believe the person who created the thread was looking for ideas around building the software and interest levels.  I think that software is already available.  There is a Texas Production Query Tool that pulls production and other nitty gritty details about wells.  There is also Quick Decline Ultimate which allows you to auto fit your production then forecast the economics based on your royalty interest.  For pricing it can run the strip deck.  Very interesting stuff.  There are video for each to see the demos.  It does require Microsoft Excel and Access of versions 2007 or higher.  The admins mentioned a thread like that and a post like this should remain in the blog section.

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