Every now and again I get inquiries from shalers - so I thought I'd put these in a blog and see if we can give some insights to these shalers. Please note that I consider the discussion forum to be the best place to seek answers and not me, so don't fill my inbox.

"Murry 31#1 well - Can anyone tell me if this well is pumping?"

"Well 239644, Section 15, Desota Parish - This well is completed in the Holley field. Anyone have any information of wells close by that might give me an idea of whether or not this is going to be a producer?"

"Fayetteville Shale - Does any one know if fayetteville shale goes down into yell county?"

"Bullock Energy - Has anyone dealt with John Bullock of Bullock Energy out of Baton Rouge?"

"Desoto Parish - Does anyone know what is going on in Frierson? I am more interested in the Friendship Road area."

"What, if any activity taking place in or around Section 26, Township 17 North, Range 15 West, Caddo Parish?"

"could you please advise me where i can get maps of bossier parish showing townships and sections"

"I have a 140 acre lease that states all the land is in one Section and T/R, I have found out that app. 5 acres are in a different Section and T/R. The description of the land in the lease is wrong, does anyone know if this would Void the lease. Thanks"

"Any news on 30- 13n -13w?"

"THIS MESSAGE IS FOR FOX!! or anyone else who may can help me

"I have always been told that Gay Island near Mansfield belonged to the Gays. My
grandmother, Roxie Gay purchased it around 1912. My uncle always told me that it was the Gay's land, but when we would take him to the Court House in Mansfield, the old one had burned and there were no records that could be found back that far. I think the Bethard's own the land now, and I am interested in how they purchased the land, if it was maybe for taxes or if it was just abandoned for so many years, or if perhaps it is still the Gays. FOX, I was told that if ANYONE could help me, that it would be you. I hope you will read this and maybe can give me some insight on this property."

"Networking - Is anyone hiring landmen in Bienville?"

"We signed a lease 3 yrs ago with petrohawk for pennies. I Received another bonus yesterday again for pennies stating our contract has been extended until 2011 which is what the original contract read. My question is I thought we could negotiate on bonus or royalty at that time? they say no. also can I call chesapeake and ask for top lease. serious $100. an acre is obscene. I not that computer savvy so if you could help it would be greatly appreciated"

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Comment by k .r. hunt on August 5, 2009 at 6:07
Thanks for posting my question about well. I hope someone can give me some info 30-13n-13w.I know its waiting on pipeline, want to know whats it' s pressure is?

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