I’ve never been to a social network site before so it has been an odd experience for me. I came to GHS for information. I googled Haynesville Shale and this was one of the things that came up. I read it and everything else I could find. I was and am completely fascinated. I just can’t learn enough.

I came to the sight with some background knowledge. I’ve leased before and thought when I leased this time it was just more of the same. I couldn’t wait to start getting my “mail box money”. I did my due diligence before I leased, but later found out that I was misled. I tried not to cry over spilled milk. I tried to not get upset over the fraudulent statements that were made to myself and my neighbors. It’s only business is what I thought. (And I could have made millions).

But the more that I read the more upset that I got. The people who were being hurt weren’t lazy or helpless. These were people who were taking care of their business in a business type manner. So many were lied to with the same song and dance. It is just too much to not see that the music was orchestrated by the companies. Of course they washed their hands and put on pretty ads.

As soon as I understood the significance of what Haynesville Shale actually is, I began to see it as a “blessing” for our community. I STILL SINCERELY BELIEVE THAT.

I’ve learned so many things on GHS that I feel like I have at least earned a BS degree (pun intended) in all of the time that I have spent on the site.

But along the way some other things happened. I met someone wonderful. I FELL IN LOVE. Do you want to know “who”? You may be completely surprised. I sure was. Isn’t only weirdoes that fall in love on the net? No, I am not a weirdo.


I fell in love with this family. This family who can fight and who can make up and who support and love each other. I fell in love with so many as we share our joys and our heartbreaks.

Can I ever again feel like “it’s just business”? NO.

But I can feel a deep heartfelt appreciation for Keith for starting this website and for so many who share their information and experiences on here. YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST BLESSING THAT HAYNESVILLE SHALE HAS BROUGHT INTO MY LIFE!

I LOVE YOU ALL. (Even Ruston - Bless his soul). I love the companies because in the long run they really will bless our community and maybe even the whole country.

I feel like you folks are my family. I love you like you are.

I hope that each of you are as completely blessed by GHS as I have been.

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Comment by Antsu-in-Japan on January 30, 2009 at 9:18am
Well said, Parker! Many sincere thanks to you all for helping to pull me back into the loop from thousands of miles away. My family, at this particular moment, is sitting out of the leasing activities. With that said, I wish all of you nothing but the best in getting the financial rewards that are meant for you and yours. May you all stay healthy and blessed...
Comment by Two Dogs, Pirate on January 28, 2009 at 7:13pm
There is function to dysfunction.
Comment by Cathaus on January 28, 2009 at 7:09pm
Well said Rosebud. I intend to have fun until the day that I die! Life is brief and most of the time very serious. It is good to be able laugh with each other, at each other and even at our own foolish selves! Hey, what family isn't dysfunctional? Is there such a thing as a functional family? If so, I sure don't want to be a member of it! LOL
Comment by Shelley on January 27, 2009 at 1:05pm
This site has been a true blessing to our family & our countys here in TX ........ Its been so long since I had sign up and really cannot remember how I even found it... Very thankful that I did... Lord, I do belive I stay all from the time I get up until I go to bed, which is very late at nite........There are so many wonderful people here!!!!!! Even though I have not talked to most of you, its still like we are all one Big family! Yes sometimes we all don't get along, but like family we hang in there... Mr. HS , you should be so proud of yourself.. This was such a wonderful idea to come up with a place for people to get information to help them.
Not only did we find out information but meet really sweet folks on here.... All of us here are true hard working folks who never in there wildest dreams thought something likes this would ever happen to us.... Its a true BLESSING! Again from all of us here San Augustine TX want to give all of BIG THANK YOU!!!
Comment by Horseshoe Girl - a1 on January 24, 2009 at 10:54pm
Well, that being said, what time should I be at your house this year for Thanksgiving Dinner? and, can I bring Stinky Pete as my date? Seriously, this website has served as my tutor, my lifeline, my entertainment superhighway, and has even bumped up my (borderline non-existent) social life just a tad! In other words, it has been a blessing in itself, although at times it has robbed me of my sleep! ("Wow, is it 3:00 am already?") Thanks for sharing, and don't let this be your last blog. I know there's more good stuff where this came from, Let's hear it!
Comment by Two Dogs, Pirate on January 24, 2009 at 8:41pm
Parker, Hats off to you for spending countless hours as a researcher and contributer to this site. I could name many others for what they have done also. I for one had a self interest in starting to post, the many other formations that exist besides the Haynesville Shale. I have been fighting with the shalers for nearly 4 years. I didn't know what they were doing at the time it started but when the assignment was made into Encana, the puzzel started to come together. They were buying protection leases around a concept well to be drilled on Boise property (Olympia well in the Big Woods of Sabine Parish). They were buying leases from the surface to China and paying $100 per acre. I was buying from surface to 5,000 ft for less money. One of my lessors told me about GHS and I logged on. I have been here ever since. I am still on my original mission, to inform the members of this website that 3 checks are better than one. Once you sign with the shalers you will never do any buisness with a landman ever again unless you only lease to them the shale. You have many formations above the shale that some other company may want to drill. Do you think that the shalers will ever drill the Fredericksburg? Not in your lifetime. What about the Austin Chalk or the James Lime? That is all mail box money that the shalers will only use for an unproduced asset. Think of what may be below the shale that may hold even more value in the future. I know we are in some down times but the energy future for the USA will look bright in the times to come. Hang onto your hat cause we are in for a rollercoaster ride that will put mega bucks into the pokets of the folks that own minerals in Louisiana.
Comment by Cathaus on January 23, 2009 at 11:36pm
If we have to figure out who we are in this humongus family, I choose to be the senile Great Aunt. Every family has one. They usually like to stir up trouble and then blame it on someone else!
Comment by sesport on January 23, 2009 at 11:18pm
Golden pencil (but not a golf pencil) award to you, Parker. There are sooooo many here on this site, some close by geographical location, some by interests, some by profession ... and it's just amazing to me how we continue to draw, and hold on to, this spirit. I do believe, even if the shale were to go POOF tomorrow, a lot of us would still be here anyway. And my hats off to you for being the first to lay it on the line like that.
Comment by Big Daddy, bcnr on January 23, 2009 at 10:58pm
Bravo Parker!!! Thanks for saying all of the sappy stuff we all feel but are to manly to say. . We are indeed a family. We do all the things families do: We fight, we love, we nurture, we berate each other, we encourage and when we need something the other family members answer the call. I think you know what I mean. Thank you.
Now we just have to figure out whose who. Ya know, whose the older brother, little sister, the uncle you don't let kids sit near because he likes making noises, the brother-in-law who always seems to get "over-served" at every family gathering. You get my point. Thank you all and God Bless.
Comment by Snake Stewart on January 23, 2009 at 9:47pm
Have you discussed this with big "D" ? If he asks me about all this love I am going to be forced to plead the fifth!

Nice Blog Parker.Even if you were a Lanmans for 4 hours! :-)

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