Over the last couple years, I have sent you content updates on some of the more popular discussionVisit GoHaynesvilleShale.coms on GoHaynesvilleShale.com. Early in the development of the Haynesville play, I believe these were especially useful as things were evolving by the day. Hopefully you found these updates useful. However, as GHS evolved, I started rethinking the format/content for this weekly update. This has culminated in a new mid week update. We’ll call it, “Weekly Shale.”



Over the last several months, the GHS network has had 2 key developments that prompted this rethinking. First, other plays began to be discussed. This seemed to just naturally occur. With over 15,500 members, GHS has developed a rather large membership base. This naturally led to broader discussions as people were seeking answers. Currently, among the other plays currently being discussed are the Eagle Ford, Tuscaloosa, and Austin Chalk.



Second, ShaleBiz.com continues to move towards a full launch. ShaleBiz.com is derived from a need that I first noticed on GHS. We needed a place for people to promote their biz interests. That could be land, equipment, royalties, oil & gas business, resume listing and more. Several of you have added your listing to the ghs beta version of the site. This has allowed me to get the bugs out and edit some of the things that will make it a better tool.



In keeping with these changes and the desire to provide a useful weekly update, we will begin something called "Weekly Shale." Weekly Shale will continue to provide GHS on-the-ground updates, but it will also add a couple new dimensions.



Additions to Weekly Shale will include:

- Featured Businesses from ShaleBiz.com

- A sampling of shale based articles from the web.

- A focus on delivering original content authored by experts in the field.

- An emphasis on promoting legislation that can move the U.S. toward energy independence.

- A New layout design.


Your knowledge and experiences has made GHS a rich environment in which to learn and network. As always, GHS' Weekly Shale will continue to lean upon the network to make it a useful tool. Thanks for being a part of the ride!




Keith Mauck "Haynesville"








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Comment by Bet Crain on May 4, 2011 at 8:48am

Thank you Keith.  I am sure the new site will be as valuable to the poeple as Haynesville Shale has been.  Thank you for all the work you have done.  It is been a great help to people like me who knew so little about natural gas and the drilling for it.

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