Obama energy choice backs natural gas as ‘bridge fuel’ to reach clean energy

Obama energy choice backs natural gas as ‘bridge fuel’ to reach cle...

Ernest Moniz, a physics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, leads the MIT Energy Initiative, a research group that gets funding from BP, Chevron and other oil industry heavyweights for academic work aimed at reducing greenhouse gases blamed for global warming. A former energy undersecretary, Moniz has advised Obama on numerous energy topics, including how to handle the country’s nuclear waste and the natural gas produced by the controversial technique of hydraulic fracturing.

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Comment by Curious Will on March 25, 2013 at 12:51

Comment by Curious Will on Friday          

Please provide some backing for the statement that "we produce more oil now than we did 30 years ago."

Please note the link that I have provided from the EIA that shows we are actually producing about 30% less even though it is probably true that we are producing more than we were in the past few years.


Comment by pat kairschner on March 19, 2013 at 12:59

Obama is not going to do anything to hurt the oil companies. Hes like hitler. Hitler told the three branches of the military that they were the chosen ones,and would bring victory to germany,so each one pledged their support to him. America has more oil than russia and saudi arabia combined,and is the only thing that can save our country from bankrupcy. Another thing. We produce more oil than we did 30 years ago. Every drop goes over seas to other countries. Hows that for a bunch of business that dont pay taxes yet depoisit billions of dollars every year.

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