i am a neophyte, i was wondering if anyone knows what if anything we will be paid for right of way for pipeline laid across our land

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Comment by LSR on January 13, 2010 at 6:06
This is a serious step for handling the type of task. If you live in the Shreveport-Bossier area hire an attorney specialized in oil and gas. Because you sell a right of way you can't control the situation without legal help. Eugene Bryson III on Spring St.is a great attorney to handle this for you. Because you need to know Louisiana Real estate Laws.
You can get paid up to $750.00 a rod, 3 times the timber harvest if you have trees on this right of way. The has to be certain things spelled out on your contract with these companies about not burying trees, shrubs or limbs and putting back the surface to the original condition on your property. You want to make sure this right of way in not running in the middle of your property. You would want it next to boundary line that you want be using. There needs to be a clause if for any reason that the pipeline is not used or abandoned that this right of way will come back to you after 3 years of none use or abandoned. Make sure you are paid for all temporary easement in footage while construction is going on. And your contract spells out how much easement is permanent by footage. Exactly what size pipe, location, how many pipes will be layed in the easement and what type of material will be running through them are listed. And if they have to come back and lay additional pipe in the permanent easement lock down a price for each horizontal feet on contract. Because they will come to the lawnowner and say that easement will include two 16 inch pipes for one for natural gas and one for salt water. Which is a lie first of all. If you are using 2 pipelines for this size pipe. It means they are running both lines for natural gas. Because for salt water you use Driscoll pipe which is a type of plastic and the size is much smaller is size. Please be careful with this is a very serious and dangerous matter dealing with these people trying to get a cheap price for your right of way. Remember this is permanent on your land. Never deal with them without attorney that can protect you rights. It is worth the money you pay.

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