Preview of the Hydraulic Fracturing: Core Issues & Trends event with Mary Viviano, General Counsel for Encana Oil & Gas

Keith: Tell us a little bit about your background.

Mary: I’ve been the lead attorney for Encana’s US operations since 2001. Originally I got into the business as a joint interest billing clerk for a small independent, eventually did production tech and land work at Anadarko and Chevron. Then law school at the U. of Denver. Practiced with several firms in Denver before going inhouse. (e.g. Davis Graham & Stubbs, Welborn Sullivan Meck & Tooley)


Keith: The Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation (the RMMLF) has an interesting conference on fracking coming up, but for people who may not be familiar, tell us about the RMMLF.

Mary: The RMMLF is a collaborative educational non-profit organization dedicated and its mission is to further the scholarly and practical study of law related to mining, oil and gas, water, public lands, conservation, and environmental protection.


Keith: How has the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation (the RMMLF) assisted you in your career?

Mary: The RMMLF has been a tremendous influence on my career and a constant source of education; networking and collegiality among natural resources lawyers. I was elected to the board this year. The Foundation is governed by a board and a trustee’s council that includes 30 law schools, 13 bar associations and 18 mining and oil & gas associations.


Keith: How did this event, the “Hydraulic Fracturing: Core Issues & Trends event come about?

Mary: We’ve been scoping this program for about a year. We’ve immersed ourselves in the public and political media while focusing on a nuts and bolts approach to the topic. We’ll explore the current state of the law as well as legislative and other proposals and the views of various stakeholders. The faculty of this Institute includes several academics as well as practitioners and government representatives. We’re anticipating 250 attendees and an additional 100 plus on webcast. Our goal is to set aside the emotion and rhetoric on this topic in favor of a thorough review of the existing federal and state law and regulatory trends.


Keith: Top three issues, within the broader Hydraulic Fracturing issue, that the industry will be dealing with next year?

Mary: 1) Water quality and disposal issues; 2) Rising costs in the face of low natural gas prices; 3) Air quality issues.


Keith: Why should someone make plans to attend?

Mary: Our program is very substantive and should give you a thorough understanding of the topic for practitioners, stakeholders and business people. The Foundation’s reputation for the finest quality and reasonably priced educational programs is well known throughout the US, Latin America and South America.


Keith: How can people follow up?

Mary: For questions about the RMMLF or the Institute on Hydraulic Fracturing: contact Mark Holland at:

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