Script of our Candidate Forum with Dr. John Fleming

I think this went pretty well. Regardless as to whether you agreed with Dr. Fleming on every answer, many kudos to him for showing up to chat with us. Most politicians would run to the hills instead of taking this off the script risk. Below is the script, an edited version, of the live chat. I will post the chat we had with Gerard Bowen later today.

AKA Haynesville


10:03pm Haynesville
Well, I want to welcome you all to this chat with Dr. Fleming. He is the Republican candidate for the 4th district. I confess, I'm not the fastest typer so bear with me.

10:04pm John Fleming
Hello all

10:04pm Haynesville
Well let's start. Have you been approached to lease yet up in Minden

10:05pm John Fleming
It was mentioned to me months ago but a third party, but nobody made an offer

10:05pm LP
Mr Fleming, do you support the Pickens Plan?

10:06pm John Fleming
I support the part that advances new technologies to use fossil fuels solve our problems.

10:06pm LP
CNG is good for NW LA

10:07pm Penny Smith
I have one.....I have told that the greediness has gotten so bad that they were thinking of capping some places. I signed in good faith about 2 years ago at the going rate....i'm happy with what I'm getting

10:07pm Haynesville
What kind of role do you anticipate NW La. playing in the nation's energy future?

10:08pm John Fleming
I see it as a key role. CNG has an excellent future from what I have read. We have substantial stores of shale gas.

10:09pm LP
Mr Fleming, would you encourage the local GM plant to produce CNG vehicles

10:09pm John Fleming
Ostensibly yes, but there are technical aspects I would like to know more about first.

10:10pm John Fleming
It is my understanding that the fuel storage for CNG displaces much of the trunk. Is this the case?

10:09pm Haynesville
Mr. Fleming, do you support mandates for companies to emplement CNG?

10:10pm John Fleming
I prefer incentives rather than mandates.

10:10pm Haynesville
So what would those tax incentives look like?

10:10pm John Fleming
It is my understanding that the fuel storage for CNG displaces much of the trunk. Is this the case?

10:11pm Haynesville
The tank is fairly large on an auto taking up much of the trunk space.

10:11pm LP
For autos, yes. We are very interested in having large trucks using CNG

10:12pm Bandit
What we really need are refueling stations.... then I think more people would be willing to convert to CNG.

10:12pm John Fleming
I think tax incentives are good, but gov has used tax credits for forms of energy that are not practical, thus wasted tax money.

10:13pm John Fleming
Well, the first question to ask is how does gasoline compare to comperable CNG costs?

10:14pm LP
It's cheaper than gasoline. But more will make this nation energy independent

10:14pm John Fleming
No matter what, CNG would have to be competitive in price with gasoline to make it practical.

10:15pm Haynesville
Mr. Fleming please talk to us about your background.

10:15pm John Fleming
My background is found in detail

10:15pm John Fleming
Any specific questions about my background?

10:16pm Haynesville
You are a business man and doctor?

10:16pm John Fleming
Yes, family physician since 1979 and business owner since 1986

10:16pm Haynesville
What have you learnd about NW LA in your dealings?

10:17pm John Fleming
NW LA has a stable economy, but it grows very sloooooowly.

10:17pm North LA
What are your plans to help NWLA capitalize on the Haynesville shale?

10:18pm John Fleming
The Shale will develop with time. The real opportunities for NWLA lie in circulating that money into the economy.

10:18pm Penny Smith
Is their a tax potential from the Haynesville Shale areas.....for the municipalities?

10:18pm John Fleming
Taxes will probably go to state, then back to towns.

10:19pm Haynesville
I know tax breaks have been discussed, on this website, for the landowner getting a lease bonus. any thoughts?

10:20pm John Fleming
I am not familiar with them. I would like to see any tax on leases cut.

10:21pm Bandit
Since the taxes are being generated in NW La, I would like to see NW La get the bulk of those tax dollars to be spent in our area - instead of going, say... to New Orleans.
10:20pm LP
Dr Fleming, what is your primary goal if elected?

10:21pm John Fleming
Cut taxes, stop wasteful spending, get economy going again, fixing problems with health care financing.

10:22pm LP
So energy is not on the top of your list?

10:22pm John Fleming
Well, energy independence is part of getting the economy going. The problem is that when prices drop like this, Congress loses interest in a sound energy policy.

10:23pm LP
Yes..they do so it is important that our elected officials keep the interest going

10:23pm Haynesville
How do we get Congress to wake up?

10:23pm John Fleming
Well, the liberals do not want prices to go down or for us to have a sound policy.

10:23pm John Fleming
Right now they are in control.

10:24pm LP
What will you do to keep the subject of energy independence in the forefront?

10:24pm John Fleming
I would work with other conservatives to put together a sound, permanent economic plan.

10:24pm LP
Could you be more specific?

10:26pm John Fleming
I would push for NO capital gains taxes, cut income taxes, remove the death tax, allow offshore drilling and use of nuclear power, more refineries and deal properly with bailouts. The details are on my website.

10:27pm redstickcoed
How do you feel about bailing out the automobile industry?

10:26pm Haynesville
How about the original bailout? Where did you stand on that? How about now with the Detroit auto makers? Do you reject assistance with strings attached or do you tend to reject assistance period?

10:27pm John Fleming
The original bailout was done in haste and mistakes were made. I fear that we are getting this country further in trouble with these bailouts.

10:28pm redstickcoed
So do I.

10:28pm John Fleming
Any bailout should come only after a committed restructure of a company, not before.

10:28pm Haynesville
Do you reject assistance with strings attached or do you tend to reject assistance period?

10:29pm John Fleming
I generally think bailouts are a bad idea.

10:29pm John Fleming
If we prop up badly managed companies, then management will continue to fail and lose money.

10:30pm Bandit
What about all the pork that was attached to the bailout bill... not fair to the taxpayer! I would like to see names prominently displayed every time pork is added to a bill.

10:30pm John Fleming
This country is wealthy, but it is not wealthy enough to prop up all badly run businesses.

10:30pm John Fleming
I agree, no pork should be in any bailout.

10:31pm Haynesville
What about the Jindal healthcare reform plan? Do you support it?

10:31pm John Fleming
I don't know the details of the Jindal plan, but some parts of it appear to be innovative and to have the potential to be very good.

10:32pm North LA
He wants focus to go toward community clinics?

10:31pm North LA
i.e. do you support HSA, social medicine, hybrid of social/private insurance?

10:32pm John Fleming
I do support HSAs, but I think we should make pvt. insurance available to those who cannot obtain it now.

10:33pm John Fleming
His plan calls for the use of "medical homes" which much of family practice is leaning towards now.

10:33pm MWCMD3
Do you believe healthcare is a constitutional right?

10:35pm John Fleming
Health care a constitutional right? Well, Congress has mandated it to be a right as of 1986.

10:33pm North LA
What is a medical home?

10:34pm John Fleming
A medical home is a primary care clinic through which all of a patient's health care including prevention is coordinated. It should be more cost effective and provide better care.

10:34pm North LA
Sounds good

10:34pm redstickcoed
How much choice do you have in this medical home?

10:34pm redstickcoed
Can I still choose my physician?

10:35pm North LA
Preventative medicine needs to be the focus rather than inpatient "salvage" care which costs millions and does nothing for quality of life

10:35pm redstickcoed
I am very much in favor of preventative medicine.

10:35pm John Fleming
You would have complete choice of doctors and clinics, but when you choose, you are required to work through that clinic instead or shopping around.

10:36pm John Fleming
The medical homes will be networked into the community care districts---several across the state.

10:37pm John Fleming
This would begin with Medicaid only, but if it works, could be used for all types of insurance and Medicare.

10:37pm North LA
The only problem would be patient compliance.

10:37pm Haynesville
Would we have difficulty getting qualified people to enter practice? Does it increase costs for the doctor?

10:37pm redstickcoed
What if I need a specialist? Would I have to be referred by this home?

10:37pm John Fleming
The benefit of a medical home is the close tracking and monitoring of patients to ensure they follow up with referrals and tests. Currently, clinics are not able to do that.

10:37pm redstickcoed
I like that idea.

10:38pm John Fleming
Specialists would be used as always, but the medical home with its computerized medical records could better coordinate and communicate the patient's care.

10:39pm John Fleming
Medical homes and better use of primary care should encourage more prev. care and ultimately lower your costs.

10:39pm North LAI agree

10:40pm redstickcoed
I want it to be good for everyone involved--patients, nurses, doctors.

10:40pm Haynesville
Well, I want to be aware of your time..we had you through 9:30. Thanks for stopping by, you were a brave guy. I'll let you have the last word.

10:40pm SoBoRes
Dr. Fleming, thank you for honorably serving our country in the uniform and for your commitment to our great state.

10:40pm North LA
Thank you for your time

10:40pm John Fleming
Well, I did serve 6 years in uniform, but my respect goes to those who have and are serving in combat.

10:40pm Haynesville
Thanks for changing your schedule.

10:41pm redstickcoed
Thanks Haynesville for setting this up.

10:41pm John Fleming
Glad to do it. It was fun.

10:41pm Haynesville
Sure, the hope is to have this site become more than a forum.

10:41pm John Fleming
If elected I plan to have regular virtual townhall meetings.

10:42pm Haynesville
Well, look no further than here

10:42pm John Fleming
Thank you. Looking forward to talking with you again soon.

10:43pm Haynesville
Have a great evening all.

10:43pm John Fleming
Good bye!

10:43pm John Fleming
Don't forget to vote on Sat.


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Comment by Snake Stewart on December 9, 2008 at 6:25pm
Wonder if he regrets it now ?
Comment by Keith Mauck (Site Publisher) on December 8, 2008 at 8:32am
Well, I think as I mentioned in a post. I had approached Carmouche and Fleming and then subsequently Bowen. I couldn't even get a phone call back from Carmouche. I even called his DA office...nothing. It seemed like he was running as an incumbent with a big lead...only incumbents make themselves unavailable to the public like that. Here is a list of my attempts to get a hold of Carmouche. 4 Calls to his campaign hq phone # ( I got a full voicemail each time). I sent 2 emails though his website (no response). Finally I called his DA secretary and left a message with her. I'm sure Carmouche is a nice guy, but imagine how available he would have been once in DC!!
Comment by Snake Stewart on December 7, 2008 at 8:49pm
With as many members as this site has, it could have been the difference between winning and loseing for Dr. Fleming. I certainly hope he remembers that.

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