I live in the Belmont area , a 2 acre house place i bought after they came through leasing the land , i also bought the mineral rights with it , at this time it hasnt been leased . the guys doing surveys in my area quickly pointed out that myself and the man across the road were the only ones who didn't lease our land . when i asked who to talk to or what should i do about this i am told nobody is leasing and nobody seems to know who to talk to about this , then they send me a letter talking about force pooling which i have no clue about . the letter i was sent stated that the permits to drill in the section we live in has been granted .. should i sit and wait or contact someone ???

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Comment by flatlander on June 29, 2010 at 3:49pm
My suggestion would be sit and wait. You basically have two choices do nothing and be an unleased mineral owner or Lease. The difference is in the payout. With most leases when production starts you will begin to receive your royalty payout of around 25 percent for your 2 acre tract. If you go the unleased route you have to wait until your part of the well is paid for until you begin receiving your royalty payments. Which would be 100 percent after production costs. This does involve some work on your own but in my opinion it is worth every penny. Anything you can find on here on unleased mineral owners and unleased mineral interest will help you greatly. Good Luck


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