Haynesville Shalers: Your free royalty forecast is ready.

Your Royalty forecast is ready, get started...

ShaleCast forecasts mineral owner royalties for over 20,000 wells in major shale plays across the US. Our algorithm combines state-reported oil & gas data with the latest futures prices to forecast your royalties. 

Now you can get a royalty forecast for 2016 and for every year till...

See your royalties & production in a new way

Finally, you can visualize the entire lifecycle of your well- its past, present and future estimated production in one place. ShaleCast estimates the next 15 years of your well's life. At a glance you know what to expect for the future.

Lift the veil, compare your oil and gas prices to the average...

Give a little - get a lot.  When you set up your well forecast, we ask you for the oil price (per barrel) or gas price (per MCF) that you most recently received. When you enter that information, it increases the accuracy of your forecast significantly. It also means you will receive regular updates on the average oil and gas prices reported in your area. 

So, go ahead give a little and get A LOT.

Get perspective on how your well stacks up...

Along with your royalty forecast, ShaleCast gives you the ability to compare your well's production against wells in the same county, state, or shale play.

Learn more about the ShaleScore on your well's forecast page.

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