Ok I don't understand last year at this time gas was twice the price as it is now.OK the President was saying we had a shortage and they may have to tap into our reserves,WELL then not 6 months later rigs r droppin like hot cakes just after they find the Haynesville shale . SOO it's not the fact that we have nothing to drill, right?It's there, but yet all these Rigs r sitting in yards all across our country and there workers at home loosing everything they ever worked for.It is just kinda hard to understand one minute we don't have enough and in the blink of an eye we have to much? It makes no sense!! People put there faith in the oil field and those whom are in it LOVE it and hate to see things fall apart like this.I was lucky I was only off work for 3 months and my rig picked back up but everyhole has a question mark on it,we are constantly being told we may not have another hole u may get laid off again, and the only rigs hiring are oversea's. It's just rediculous!!Does anyone have any insite?

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