Attached are three slides from the recent Anadarko Investor Conference that depict their plans for continued development of the Haynesville Shale and Cotton Valley potential in Panola County.


The production includes oil/condensate, natural gas and natural gas liquids.

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It will be interesting to see if these companies go after any oil in the HBP areas in old wells, etc. Since the Haynesville was such a well guarded secret, one can never be surprised anymore about what the oil and gas companies are aware of "down below the earth." Kinda sounds like one of those sci fi movies, but it  really is a never ending mystery.

I have wondered myself why haven't they been going for oil in the shallower depths of the haynesville play. Seems like the new drilling techniques could put new life into some of these fields through out the area. Since they HBP they wouldn't have to pay lease money for them so it would be cheaper. Maybe they'll do this sooner rather than later.

Horizontal drilling is no silver bullet.  There is no reason to drill a horizontal well in a formation that can be efficiently and economically drained with a vertical well.  It would be a waste of money.  And keep in mind that shallow oil formations are conventional reservoirs.  They are not productive over wide continuous aerial extents such as the shales.

Is there any chance that Anadarko will be going into Shelby County?  Is there anything happening with any of the    O & G companies in Shelby County at this time?  And, is there any hope that some O & G company  will come back into Shelby County and start leasing/drilling again in the near future.  

A third party services company who I have been told is leasing for Anadarko has actually taken a few hundred leases over the last few months in NW Shelby County.  I was told that Anadarko is leasing with plans to drill CV horizontals in this area.  They appear to have leased, or are trying to lease, about everything they can north of Hwy 84 and west of Timpson.  Indigo has also done some leasing in the area but it appears to me to be much less than Anadarko has done.

Indigo has a "production profile" on their website for a "typical" Cotton Valley horizontal well (although they reference north Louisiana rather than Panola or Shelby Counties).  For what it's worth, their production profile is as follows:

6,153 MMCF/day

641 BNGL/day

43 BC/day.

Any information north of that... Panola or Harrison Counties?  thanks in advance.

I don't know much about anything to the north.  I suspect that a lot of that area is HBP.  There was a lot of open acreage in NW Shelby County.  

Anadarko is quite active near the Carthage field. Visited the Anadarko office today ''Woodville, TX and they have several leases reserved in Vernon Parish ''Evans-Merryville'' Also north eastern Newton County TX is now a hot spot with old Austin Chalk wells being considered for RE. Two rigs will be working in Vernon Parish on the next rig report. These two rigs will be jumping from lease to lease the rest of the year. Swift Energy also has several leases reserved near Union Hill LA.''Masters Creek'' area in LA. One recently completed, Exxon Corp # 10. Watch this well! It is a beast!!! 500bbls+ an hour, 200bbls being oil during the flowback. MCF unknown, pipelines being finished then the fun starts!
East Texas...Newton, Jasper, Sabine in Texas, Vernon, Beauregard, Sabine in LA are being tapped once again. If the past is any indication of whats to come we will be seeing flares all over the field once again!! cc

Is the Austin Chalk the target for all these areas?

There are some acreages East of HWY. 96, South of Center, and North of the San Augustine/Shelby County line that are NOT HBP. Acreage was leased up until Summer of 2010 and since then no contacts have been made to lease acreage again.  Do you forsee any O & G Company coming into this area to lease again?

I feel your pain teacher, I really hope something happens for you, and fast.

CGU16 52HH - IP of 264 bbl/condensate per day, 6302 Mcf....



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