If an Oil & Gas Company has a recorded, filed, notarized JOP that lists all of the Heirs, why would they request a Death Certificate, Last will & Testament, Copy of Order Admitting Will to Probate and Copy of Letters Testamentary before they say that they can transfer the deceased person's name into the names of her surviving heirs?  Does not the JOP finalized everthing?



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"in a rush...please ignore the incorrect grammar, typo's., lol.

Too many potential scenarios.  See an O&G  attorney.

On many occasions I have seen JOP's amended or nullified.

I agree with TD. The company is going to want to make sure whoever they pay royalties or JOP interests to has clear right and title to the funds. Any rights or interests could have been willed. So the JOP could have been amended by the will. Until the estate is probated the company has no idea who truly owns the interest in the JOP. GET AN ATTORNEY AND GO TO PROBATE!!!!!!

Assuming the JOP is from a Louisiana court, and assuming the land/minerals are in La., there are few valid reasons why the operator wouldn't rely on it. if the JOP is from another state, that's a different matter. Also, if the operator has some reason to think the JOP is incorrect, then that could be groungs to ask for more info as well.

A company representative contacted me to say that the person who was asking for the transfer information was confused, lol.  The Amended JOP is acceptable and they apologized for the confused person.  


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