Any activity in 19-T11N-R10W Chemard Lake Desoto Parish?

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Nope, not currently.  However Tellurian will need to drill some wells soon.  Tellurian holds Field Order for eight wells that include Section 19 so all the company needs to do is apply for permits to drill.

Thanks Skip. Great to have your wealth of knowledge and insight.

You're welcome.  Tellurian appears to be having significant difficulty in securing financing for their Driftwood LNG project.  I'm not sure how this may affect their upstream activity however they tout their drilling success and income in their corporate presentations.  I doubt that Tellurian will abandon their LNG plans and turn to drilling their Haynesville units as their primary focus.  If the company fails to get the backing they need for their LNG project, will they sell their Haynesville units?


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