OK, I don't follow politics no where near as much as I should. I am also trying my best to make an educated decision to sign the right lease. I know a lot of you out there have some really strong opinions on to lease or not to lease. I am curious to hear your opinions on how the upcoming election will effect the lease activity. So let me see what you all think about it. Thanks in advance for sharing!

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Wait untill the hurricane passes and then the question, will be easier to answer.
I'll await your response then. I have followed some of your posts and you seem to have a pretty good thinker on your shoulders!
Just one old man's opinion, we all want $30 to 40 K per acre and 30% but if what has been offered to you would change your life in a big way then there you go. The % of the gas royalties in the long run is the most monies. Of course a well has to be drilled on your section first. I personally will take being free of debt now and wait on the windfall of royalties. But of course baby boomers are a different type.
I hear you on that one. My CPA is out of town until the second week in Sept. and part of me hopes I get no serious offers until she gets back. I really need her advice on whether to take the $ and pay off some business debt, or to stick it in an investment account. Hubby doesn't want it to touch our business, but debt is debt...it is still owed. Just want to be able to make the best decision, so there retirement investment left over, along with something fun too! Hard to sit and wait, when it seems the sooner you sign the better the odds are to get drilled.
Charmine, you mentioned elections, no one knows what will happen after November. In the years I have spent here all I can say is nothing is forever and everything changes. If natural gas prices at the well sink as low as $5, I think the Big Boys in Oil & Gas will sloooow down. But one thing is for certain you and hubby need to be on the same page. We don't need to hear I TOLD YOU SO. Keep the faith that everthing will work out somehow. Signed OLD PEOPLE
go read the earlier post:

"How much does the ArklaTex stand to lose in taxes if Obama wins?"

over 275 comments!
personally, I wouldnt dicuss religion nor politics on this site!
Excellent advice Wileyone!
Obama will invest our money in anything that does not help big oil. wind, solar, cow dung, you name it...as long as it doesn't help the oil companies or Alaska.
And where will that get us?


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