Obama says, 'I will tap our natural gas reserves'!!'I will cut taxes for 95% of Amercans'!!

Great for Shalers, that's us.
I don't know about you, but even with my Shale blessings, I am still in the lower 95%. For those of you in the top 5, so sorry....NOT.
So I know who I am going with.

What'dya think of that!

Yes We Can and WILL!

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I've been a good boy. I haven't said a thing.
Your lil buddy.
I am so sorry for your class envy and hate! Yes, you might get change, but you will probably not like it. Nationalized healthcare, increased taxes on businesses and those creating jobs, driving MORE industry out of the U.S. as taxes go up, more vilification of those who produce, socialistic policies of wealth redistribution...yeah that's change...I just hope the intelligent in this country get out and vote and we never ever see The Chose One...the O'bammaMamma Man ever again. That's Change I can Hope for...he sleazes back in his Chicago Mansion "given" to him by a convicted felon for a fraction of the market value. Then we never hear of him or his mentor and spiritual advisor Rev. G** D*** America Wright. You are who you hang out with and this guy hangs out with Wright, Rezco and the Pentagon Bomber. Yeah, Change and Hope! When he's finished all we will HOPE for is that we have some SPARE CHANGE left in our pockets!

When Phil (lets build as many havens for fraudulent banking, investments and send the world into a global recession) Grahm is your go-to guy for financial matters......AND you believe "the fundamentals of our economy are strong" as we face a 5yr record unemployment, and 29yr record foreclosure rate, not to mention crime rate hike.....Mc Cain, bless his heart, is just not seeing things as clearly...and appears to be a bit confused.
Change? I survived Carter,Clinton, and Johnson-Please, no more "Change"!
The only "Change" I want is what little is left in my pocket after Clinton.

But I have to admit Barry's "Temple of Apollo" stage sideshow in Denver, was up there with Hilter's Reichstag extravaganza. Not to shabby for the skinny arab no one ever heard of three years ago.
Comparing Obama to Hitler? A skinny Arab? You show that you are a racist, and a relic from the worst of our history. Die and become fossil fuel you A**Hole.
So when is your Margaret Thatcher memorial going up?

I want to add pics to my album.
You got that right guys. He wants to go after Big Oil...well does everyone not realize that Big Oil is Big Gas? The industry is the same, the tax incentives/taxation/confiscation is the same. The Chosen One wants everything...your money...your business...your dreams...your children. He is Hugo Chavez without the accent! Beware! There are a lot of stupid people buying his line of BS but remember, he's a politician. 80% of what he says is a lie and the other 20% of what he says is socialism 101.
Here's the ticket: 50% of the people in this country pay ZERO taxes and suck at the teat of the federal gov't coffers. These folks, unfortunately, can "vote themselves a pay raise" by voting for this clown with the big ears, the big speech and nothing else. So when the "takers" who pay NOTHING are a majority and they vote to CONFISCATE the money of the PRODUCERS, what will happen? Eventually, there will be a tea party. But that's probably why The Chosen One isn't a Second Amendment supporter. He doesn't want the people owning guns. He knows that eventually his socialism will drive the thinking and producing folks to revolt and he wants to make sure things are easily put down. Thank you Sir O'...you've inspired me to send another check to the Republican Party.
I hear you fellow Republican!
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac.
No comment
Your lil buddy.
Corporations hire PEOPLE, pay their salaries and benefits. They pay stock dividends. We give them tax incentives to move here and hire our people to work.


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