I have land in Harrison and having a hard time getting it's location. Its in the Robert Asher survey, Thomas Grey survey and Vardiman survey. I have been offered $7500.00 per acre and wanting to know it this is part of the Haynesville Shale and if it's a good offer. thanks, erica

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Hi Erica!
If you could provide the location of your land It would help the many experts on this website. Come on ya'll I bragged and bragged to her about our webiste here!!!!
The huge Penn Virginia well is in Harrison County. It was one of the first horizontial wells to be completed in the HS. It is the Fogle #5. Google it & you will see just how big it is. I won't commit on amount of offer, just that results of this well is almost as good as the Elm Grove wells. I don't know exactly where it is located in Harrison County, but some on this site may.
Good luck!
It would be helpful if you had the Abstract number (A-##) or a well name if you are recieving royalty.
Referring to Fogle # 5, if it is indeed in your area, you should ask for more $$. It appears to be producing quite "well"


Fogle 5-H delivers for Penn Virginia
News wires

Penn Virginia is sitting pretty after the Fogle 5-H well, drilled in east Texas, looks set to pump at about 15 million cubic feet of gas per day.

Fogle 5-H, a horizontal well drilled to 11378 feet in Harrison County, had an initial production rate of about 8 MMcfd, which was greater than expected.

Pipeline capacity constraints currently limit production to about 5 MMcfd, said the Associated Press.

But increased pipeline capacity, expected in July, will enable an initial production rate of 10 to 15 MMcfd, the Philadelphia-area company said.

Based on results from the Fogle 5-H well, plus positive results of 17 vertical wells drilled into the same Bossier Shale strata, the company expects to drill at least five more horizontal Bossier Shale wells this year.

Friday, 30 May, 2008, 18:58 GMT | last updated: Monday, 02 June, 2008, 07:17 GMT
Check the railroad commision's website . You can pull up a map by your survey name ,but you might need the abstract number also. Google-The Railroad Commision of Texas
ok. i hope this helps everyone. the surveys are right by eachother. they are about 10 miles north of I-20, 5 miles W-59. thanks so much for your help!!! erica
Your land is prospective for Haynsville. Is the property currently producing? What are the terms of your current OGL?
Samson is leasing it but we have had an attorney working with Samson and Samson has change the lease basically saying that they can't go any deeper than 100 feet which gives a bigger company the opportunity to come in and drill deeper. This actully will be finalized today. We will be looking to see what bigger company would like to come in and drill.
Erica... I will be happy to help you with RRC to check production in your area and your HBP status. How many acres are you trying to lease? Feel free to call me at 903.927.3740 at your convenience. I work with a small brokerage firm in Marshall and we are currently assisting mineral owners with leasing.
Have a GREAT day.
Brooke O.
There are three producing Cotton Valley wells in the T. Gray survey. The Davis Estate, The Harris Trust #1 & #2. All are operated by Samson. They all three look to be pretty decent wells just north of Shadowood Lake.

In the Asher, there is one dry hole, plugged in 1978. There are two Vardeman surveys. The H. Vardeman and the H.W. Vardeman. In the H. Vardeman, a very small survey, there are no wells. However, one survey to the south, BP has KINGSTREE RANCH GAS UNIT "D". One survey to the East, the H.W. Vardeman, BP has the KINGSTREE RANCH GAS UNIT "E" and quite a few other wells.

So it looks like you have mineral interests in at least reasonably good territory. I didn't look at all the nearby wells, but most of the activity around this area is so far Cotton Valley.

To see for yourself, go to this link and play around with the tools. It takes a bit of time to learn it, but not too long.



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