I just got back from the Shalers Party at Clarkes Landing. Got to meet face to face with a lot of the names I have been talking to for the past few months. The food was great and the conversations were interesting. People from all walks of life with one common interest, the Haynesville Shale. There were landmen, geologists, forensic scientists, movie makers, lawyers buisnesss people, working people, coon hunters, magicians and kids. Who could ask for anything more. Thanks KB, Dorcheated, Parker and everyone else involved in making it happen.

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It's Gregory Kallenberg, the one working on the Haynesville documentary. My report comes from the venerable Mark, who had one of our cameras down at event.

Mark is from Texas, so he's not exactly used to the way we Louisiana people like to have a party (i.e. - make it last as long as possible and never run out of food or drink). He had a blast.

He recounted his party moment at our production meeting: Apparently, a "cowboy" magician performed a trick that, the magician, said, told the story of what was going on with the Haynesville Shale. Then, he pulled out a dollar bill. Presto! Change-o! The dollar bill changed into a $20.
I was sorry I had to leave not long after Mark got there. I had promised my 9 year old a trip to Wal Mart to spend money burning a whole in his pocket. We left around 8:30 or 9 pm and people were still enjoying themselves. Glad to hear Mark had a good time. Hope he ate some of the good food also.
Hello Shalers,

I can't start to tell you what a good time I had. I enjoyed meeting all the faces behind the names. Can't wait to do it again and again. Lot's of good food and people, it just ended to soon. After turning off the light's and crawling into my truck for the 1 minute journey down to my cabin. I realized it was only 10:30 p.m. Gee I thought it was about 4:00 a.m. in the morning. We could have kept going longer, next time I'm gonna bring a watch.
Correction You started 4:00.
I started at 9:00 a.m. I had to drive too, granted it was only 100 yards.
But with the way my luck was going it seemed like 20 miles.
Hi Rosebud,

Your right, the bad part is it felt like 4:00 a.m. It was fun. Sounds like you girls are going to do a get together.
We had an early morning football game, then the kids went to an afternoon skating party while I mowed front and back yard, then arrived at Shaler's BBQ at dark:30, but well worth the trek from North Bossier to South Bossier (my old stompin' grounds). WHat a way to wind down the day, good food and company to visit with right by the Red. It did feel like it was late! But fun always has to come to an end too soon, it seems.
I'm sorry I had to miss it. Just so happened I had a business trip already planned for that weekend. I also missed the seminar by the Bossier Bar Assoc. Hope to make the next meeting though. Sounds like everyone had a great time with good food.


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