I just got back from the Shalers Party at Clarkes Landing. Got to meet face to face with a lot of the names I have been talking to for the past few months. The food was great and the conversations were interesting. People from all walks of life with one common interest, the Haynesville Shale. There were landmen, geologists, forensic scientists, movie makers, lawyers buisnesss people, working people, coon hunters, magicians and kids. Who could ask for anything more. Thanks KB, Dorcheated, Parker and everyone else involved in making it happen.

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Let us know more. I would have attended, but I am stuck on an oil rig in Indonesia right now.
Ditto to more about it, as I am in Florida, sounds terrific.
Sorry that I was gone on business. I am just one of the working people. Let us know more.
Sorry I missed! Waiting to see some pictures...
An encore for those of us who couldn't come?
Two weeks from this coming Friday or this past Friday?
Keep me posted and I'll try to pop in for a drink after work. At least it won't be too far of a drive for me....since I work upstairs. Nope, nothing as exciting as dealer or cocktail server...I just pay the bills. lol =)
It was really nice to put faces with names. Dorcheat treated us to a nice boat ride. It was a first for my boys. To sum it up my 9 year old said "Mommy, this is the best day of my life."
Thats wonderful
Bless Dorcheat!
I so glad they enjoyed it .I enjoyed having them, we will do it again before winter.
We would enjoy that!


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