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you mean the article on Palin:

Her performance also sparked negative responses from some conservative pundits, and she has slipped in some polls.

Last week, nearly half the respondents in a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll said she is unqualified to be president, while one in three said they were "not at all" comfortable with the idea of Gov. Palin as vice president.
This country was founded on the belief in God and Christ and the teachings of the Holy Bible and defended by the blood of our forefathers and children. The very reason we are sitting on our butts jawin on the i net tonight. When most take up the muslim religion they forsake their christian name and adopt a muslim title. What you see should be obvious in my opinion. If it was about electing a minority to the highest office Colin Powell would have been the man of choice. He does have skeletons in the closet like everyone else, but if you are the pick of those that own the media, it is obvious it does not make squat of what is behind the door. The choice no matter what the media comes up with should be with out question.
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all."

Under our Pledge of sounds like this country was founded under me!
Religious Affiliationof U.S. Founding Fathers
(# of Founding Fathers) % of Founding Fathers
Episcopalian/Anglican (88) 54.7%
Presbyterian (30) 18.6%
Congregationalist (27) 16.8%
Quaker (7) 4.3%
Dutch Reformed/German Reformed (6) 3.7%
Lutheran (5) 3.1%
Catholic (3) 1.9%
Huguenot (3) 1.9%
Unitarian (3) 1.9%
Methodist (2) 1.2%
Calvinist (1) 0.6%

note: these are the religions of the writers of the Decalration, members of the Constitutional Convention, etc. Overlap of individuals was removed as some participants were involved in all events.

I guess this is why the wanted God 'looking over' but not any specific religion, they were definitely against Theocracy!

For more detail check out the source and find out who your fave revolutionary went to church with...
I dont think anyone mentioned specifics of religions....the debate started in this thread about Gods influence in this countrys beginning in jack b2 post. Then everyone started posting "facts" about how this country wasnt founded under christian belief...This is how it works....If you are not rite with the lord when he comes to get his people you will be left behind. THERE WILL BE NO BAIL OUT PLAN! Hell will be your only alternative! Argue if you want all the junk you want to on here...but thats a FACT...and it is in the BIG it opinion, call it a theory but if you dont live by it and obey his comands you will suffer the not judging anyone that is his job is to tell the people around me to get rite and you better be ready.... SOrry for the bad news leftwing non believers. I didnt make the rules....just the messangers
That's not the way i read it. The grace of God is sufficient to save any sinner. Even politicians. Are you baiting people with the comment about left wingers?
I refuse to play these games
Mooncookie -
George Washington attended Anglican church, but he always made it a point to leave prior to communion. Jefferson seems to have been deliberately ambiguous about his religious beliefs.
Bill G.
i remember when that phrase was added to the pledge. I thought it was wrong then and I think it's wrong now.

Just whose God, any way? Jehovah, Allah, any of the Hindu gods? It's far better to keep theology out of our government than to mix it into politics. Then you run the risk of a theocracy --- Which is what the Taliban and other islamic extremists prefer as their form of government.
Jim, you seem well versed on this topic. Can you expand on your statement? While there is information leading to freedom of religion, I am unable to locate where there is actual separation. Thanks.
KB --
Well said.
Yeah Jim!
Anyone who says otherwise knows nothing of British history prior to 1776. The established church of England, be it Roman Catholic or Anglican had reserved seats in the House of Lords, the other seats were given to various members of the nobility. The house of Lords had quite amount of political power, gradually voluntarily surrendering it until the modern day it is pretty much symbolic. I do think that even to this day they are the court of last resort/final appeal for some types of legal cases.


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