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Very strong statements. Thank you!
What article on Palin are you referring to?
Thanks Mr. B, that comment was for Ray. I read your link, certainly something to chew on in light of the other economic mess.
Should I just change this site to gohaynesvilleshale political forum? We do have a political group.
Mr. Krow, I said nothing about the church, there are many churches and many religions, but only one Creator. This is a point neither of us need to argue for we will all get the chance one day.
Awesome reply Jim! That's exactly what they had in mind. Most were Masons and knew very well the importance of not including any doctrine into the Constitution. Besides that, they were fighting for religious freedoms. Some slipped later into the puritan attitude of self-righteousness but overall we've managed to keep it basically neutral, at least in the public eye. In my opinion most politicians are like stray dogs, they'll eat anything you throw out to stay alive. Whoever they're in front of at the time is what they stand for. Very few will bite the hands that feed them. The ones that do soon become road kill.
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all."

So Mr Crow....why did we adopt this as our Pledge?
I hate to sat it Mr. Krow, but it is obvious you have never read the founding fathers letters and other documents, you are really showing your ignorance on this deal.
You want facts Jim, here you go buddy,
They are true though right? So I guess the founding fathers just blurted this stuff out for no reason, you are delusional.
check out my link KB
Come on KB throw me a bone, if that was the debate it looks pretty onesided doesnt it? The speeches are the most telling in my opinion, what you would write down in a letter may be different than what you would tell a crowd.


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