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Checkmateking...this is why our children will not have prayer in school, this is why they want to take "One Nation Under God" out of our Pledge. This is why our nation is in this mess right now....NO ONE HAS A LEADER, NO ONE HAS MORALS, NO ONE HAS VALUES...The majority of people are giving up on the christian faith and when christians become the minority...that is when he will return and those who dont believe will parish in iternity...there want be no BAIL OUT PLAN OR NO RECOVERY PLAN PEOPLE YOU WILL GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!
I lost you on this one KB, Your point is?
Im serious.....I dont understand your point...If you want PM it...i really dont grasp what you are trying to say here!
Bill, I am not attempting to answer for KB, but merely offering my own personal interpretation of the meaning.

"Those who profess belief in God through the vehicle of a particular church or religion do not have a monopoly on morals and values."

Anyone who uses their own beliefs, to persuade others to believe in the same, weaken the solidarity of their belief. For an example; I follow the Christian belief. In doing so, I must adhere to the teachings of that belief. To simplify, I must not pass judgment of others. As a Christian, I must live by the words of my teachings. If others do not follow my beliefs, I should not condemn those for their actions. As a Christian, I can not place value on the morals of others, but rather hold my own to the highest standard of my teachings.

KB, I hope I have not overstepped any boundaries.
People that go to church are not the only ones with morals and values.
If the words of the founding fathers are propaganda to you then I have no more to say on the subgect. Obvioulsy you havent read the speeches, papers, letters etc. Have a nice day everyone, yes even Jim and KB lol, I have to go make a dollar bill, yall better have these problems solved when I get home, lol
Just curious of your opinion on this religious and patriotic quote:

We operate in the guise that we're doing good for the world but it is just an illusion. One might use the argument of our current mission in Iraq as showing that we care about freeing nations. Well, that might be what it appears to be but is that the true reason for being there? Could it be a war for oil instead?

While I'm thankful that we're battling Muslim extremist overseas and not here; I see more reasons for being there. I believe we're setting up Iraq as a secular democracy in order to prepare it to become the Babylon that is mentioned in the Bible. Babylon must be resurrected so that it can receive the judgment that God has promised will happen to it. Babylon is going to be both a spiritual and commercial capital for the Anti-Christ. It will be a capitalist center. Islam and capitalism are like oil and water; they just don't mix, ever. So Iraq has to be turned into a secular nation so that Babylon can exist.

Anyone feel free to respond to this quote, as I find it very unique...

Very interesting comments re Iraq. I believe our involvement in the Middle Eastern area is by divine appointment. Yesterday, the DOW fell 777 points, congressional action delayed by a Jewish holiday. Will it be delayed next week by Yom Kippur? DOW drop 666? Signs of endtimes? Hmmm... To my unbelieving friends: Stop, Drop, and Roll will not work in Hell! Eternity is a lo--o-ong time?
Ann W
While the market did take a dive yesterday, it seems to be recovering today. Market speculation is a beast.
PXP rakes in $1.25bn from Oxy sale
By Upstream staff

Plains Exploration & Production (PXP) is set to sell a package of US onshore assets to Occidental in a $1.25 billion deal as it shifts its focus to Lousiana's Haynesville shale play.

PXP said the sale of the assets in the Permian basin of west Texas and Piceance basin in Colorado will slash its corporate debt by at least $1 billion, allowing it to cut its 2009 capital spending to $1.35 billion.

It added the assets Oxy will buy currently generate net sales volumes of about 13,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day and had proved reserves of 92 million barrels of oil equivalent as of the end of 2007.

The sale, which will close on 1 December under the agreement signed by the two companies, will also enable PXP to focus on its holdings in the Haynesville shale in Louisiana, it said.

PXP has a 20% interest in Chesapeake Energy’s 550,000 acre leasehold in Haynesville that could hold 40 trillion cubic feet equivalent of natural gas.
Thursday, 25 September, 2008, 11:59 GMT | last updated: Thursday, 25 September, 2008, 14:53 GMT

perhaps they are just trying to hold onto their company and balance the books, with all the acres they have to work in our backyard... I wouldn't call it strategic planning it seems rather like 'strategic re-acting' to the crazy capital market constraints.

What do you guys think? Is it just business?

Remember on your leases most of them expire in a few years if not HBP... do you think they can afford to give you that 7-20k bonus money to renew their lease? I'm curious how much $ was spent on the P Basin, as I'm sure it was a bargain compared to the H shale.
will someone please find where I said if you do not have religion, christianity or any other type of belief you dont have any morals or values...please help me find where I Typed that...THank you
That was my interpretation of what KB said and not an interpretation of what you said. I may be all wet and a yard wide on the matter.


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