Pelosi "God Sent Us OBAMA?" VIDEO: Obama Kids Sing for Dear Leader...

When I viewed this You Tube Video I personally found it very disturbing. When you view it I'll be interested to see what your thoughts are, both republican and democrate.
In our economic times i understand that is priority and it will soon be worked out and we will all go forward. One thing we can't afford is to make the wrong decision on November 4th. We need to be informed and ask questions no matter what party you support. These are times of great decision making not only for our new leader but for us as americans.

Since starting this discussion only a few hours ago at best, FOX NEWS has picked up this video and it is now on their main web page... go to

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Your interpretation is wrong I can see why you're voting for McCain.
Besides with all of McCain's "experience" one has to question his the most important decision he has made in his candidacy and that is his VP choice. Even people from the Republican party are calling for her to step aside. I know that won't happen because it would be yet another flip flop.

No one is this race has any experience being president therefore, I'll go with the smart guy from Harvard who finished at the top of his class rather than the other guy who finished at bottom of his class.
with all due respect OGCalifornia, your logic is illogical. Are you serious?
Did you say that because OBAMA graduated from Harvard that was good enough for you?

Since when has it been a prudent asset to carry with you your College Diploma when sitting down with dictators like Akmadinajad?

Experience is important and that is too why I believe Gov. Sarah Palin as VP to McCain is perfect. We have experience at the top of the ticket and More experience in Palin than Obama has for president (except his Harvard Education) duly noted.

VOTE NOV 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With all due respect to you Natch N3 all experience is not GOOD experience. People are elected all the time and do a lousy job. Look at the current president or maybe you are one of these people who think he's done a good job. He has experience would you elect him again if it was possible? McCain has been in Washington for 26 years and look at what is happening in this country.

The president needs to be capable of critical thinking so that Harvard diploma will serve Obama well. I think your position is the illogical one.
I will take common sense and real world experience over a book knowledge any day of the week. Some of the most book smart people in the world are common sense poor and that is dangerous.
Real world experience doing what other than continuing to line the pockets of people who already have more money than they can spend in a lifetime at the expense of this country.
I agree Kassi, and it makes a difference when you get some of the book smarts. "KODOCROME" all the crap I learned in high school. People that learn things after aging some tend to know how to apply that knowledge for better use.

msfva what if someone with common since came up with a solution to where you didn't have to have brain surgery?

I am voting for the American not the Smart GUY

Common since or not, Harvard graduate or not, IM NOT VOTING FOR THIS GUY AND THAT I CAN PROMISE YOU!

Stop using code words coward. Say what you mean. You are voting for the White guy not the Black guy.
Country First!
Country First!!!!



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