Pelosi "God Sent Us OBAMA?" VIDEO: Obama Kids Sing for Dear Leader...

When I viewed this You Tube Video I personally found it very disturbing. When you view it I'll be interested to see what your thoughts are, both republican and democrate.
In our economic times i understand that is priority and it will soon be worked out and we will all go forward. One thing we can't afford is to make the wrong decision on November 4th. We need to be informed and ask questions no matter what party you support. These are times of great decision making not only for our new leader but for us as americans.

Since starting this discussion only a few hours ago at best, FOX NEWS has picked up this video and it is now on their main web page... go to

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Lynn Swan
What "issue" (besides perceived experience) motivates you to vote for McCain?
How many assets do you stand to lose Stewdent if the race goes one way or the other? Is your butt exposed at present with the financial problems rearing their head today. Did you work for those assets or were they given to you? If you have nothing to lose, like money invested, do you think that others that have worked for their investments should be qualified by your judgment in the outcome?
Don't be concerned about my financial status. I am certianly not questioning how you get paid. You should be questioning your president and his cronies financial standing. They are the ones laughing all the way to the bank.
I don't doubt that many will be laughing all the way to the bank if this deal passes and many will be crying all the way to the bank. You may be to Stew, laugh or cry? Do you have something to lose or gain? We have the likes of Pelosi, Ried, and the Jim Henson creation voting the way you seem to want to go. People like them were the ones that made this mess. Look back and read all the legislation. Tell me who is at fault.
McCain's campaign has said this election will not be won on issues, but on personalities.
bump baby bump!!!!

Hand over heart.......PLEDGE of Allegiance
Take this button back to ohio where ACORN will accept him with open arms. There he can sign up more Democrate voters than there are in the state, like they are doing in other states also. The FBI has started investigations all over where ACORN is involved in voter fraud. Zerobama worked for, gave legal services to ACORN and is still connected to these slimbags. Acorn even wanted part of the $700 billion bail-out money. Since when does the tax payers owe them s##t ??
The FBI is going to Pick this thing apart if the MEDIA dont shut them down! We The people our witnessing the largest Skeem in american history...and we are close to electing the MASTER of Skeemers Barack Hussien Obama! I bet he will be laughing the entire time he is sworn in on his choice of religious book!


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