Pelosi "God Sent Us OBAMA?" VIDEO: Obama Kids Sing for Dear Leader...

When I viewed this You Tube Video I personally found it very disturbing. When you view it I'll be interested to see what your thoughts are, both republican and democrate.
In our economic times i understand that is priority and it will soon be worked out and we will all go forward. One thing we can't afford is to make the wrong decision on November 4th. We need to be informed and ask questions no matter what party you support. These are times of great decision making not only for our new leader but for us as americans.

Since starting this discussion only a few hours ago at best, FOX NEWS has picked up this video and it is now on their main web page... go to

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This is true, but I am not the only one who will vote McCain this election... (Wink!)
You are right Rozzy, people with the wisdom to see this will vote for McCain.
Thank you H..I..M, but I will have to agree to disagree with OG because she is sold on Obama like we are sold on McCain...
The singing Obama kids really scare me.
The glazed over eyes, the painted on smiles.
I think i have seen them before.

Oh yea, i have.

I believe they were some black and white newsreels from Germany in the late 1930s.
I hate to tell people this but when someone tells me that Obama is a great speaker i have to
retort "Hitler was a great speaker too and how did that work out?"

Normally they shut up.

Sometimes the truth hurts.
fox news has been the ONLY news service that has played this video...they actually played the video today and took emails and read them on air. It was so devastating to the Obama fans to hear what the US public thinks...their comments looks a lot like our board here.

Its funny also that Obama had this video on his campaign site and it was taken down today!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right...Obama was exposed...this is serious if you are voting on NOV 4th i ask that you think long and hard about a president that wants to cut defense spending and said that our troops air raiding and killed innocent women and children...I need to know my family will be safe and if BHO is president coupled with the facts we know about the types of people that he keeps in his circles and then we see videos of this sort it is scary
This country will take a giant step backward with Obama is elected. He is not qualified to be president.
He is too liberal and does not even have clue as how to manage anything.
OG Cal. Can you please name a country that is loved by all? If you can name one please let us know what is stopping you from moving.
I never implied that that there was a country that is loved by all. Can you name a country that is more dislike than the United States. I love this country I am merely telling you that many other countries don't. And it is because of the Bush policies. Just because because I don't won't vote Republican doesn't mean I should leave the country. Why don't you leave because you ARE republican? As it stands today it appears more people agree with my choice than yours. So are you right and the majority of other Americans are wrong. THAT WOULD BE A NOT.

No, this is true but he is highly educated. Doesn't that count for something? (Grin)
You are a BAAAAAAAAAAAAD girl!
LOL!!! I know....



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