Pelosi "God Sent Us OBAMA?" VIDEO: Obama Kids Sing for Dear Leader...

When I viewed this You Tube Video I personally found it very disturbing. When you view it I'll be interested to see what your thoughts are, both republican and democrate.
In our economic times i understand that is priority and it will soon be worked out and we will all go forward. One thing we can't afford is to make the wrong decision on November 4th. We need to be informed and ask questions no matter what party you support. These are times of great decision making not only for our new leader but for us as americans.

Since starting this discussion only a few hours ago at best, FOX NEWS has picked up this video and it is now on their main web page... go to

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Funny how so many folks don't get that, huh?
Coonman you are fuuunny. My pastor is a Republican and this sounds like something he would say. We go at it all the time after church.
My honest opion is it's look's to cultish to me. I don't know 25 to 30 kids singing with every parent hanging on every word. it reminded me of the the kids in North Korea who sing to Kim.

you wouldn't stir the pot up would you.
You remember Conrad Dobler.

Conrad Dobler this guy?
Dude, your are unbelieveable you got em all.
Yep, I saw a bumper sticker the other day on the interstate:

Pick a Ninny
Vote for Barry
I immediately thought of China under Mao.
Yes, Louzanne, I thought of the same thing you did.

First thing I thought of was Nazi Germany and the youth movement.


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