Pelosi "God Sent Us OBAMA?" VIDEO: Obama Kids Sing for Dear Leader...

When I viewed this You Tube Video I personally found it very disturbing. When you view it I'll be interested to see what your thoughts are, both republican and democrate.
In our economic times i understand that is priority and it will soon be worked out and we will all go forward. One thing we can't afford is to make the wrong decision on November 4th. We need to be informed and ask questions no matter what party you support. These are times of great decision making not only for our new leader but for us as americans.

Since starting this discussion only a few hours ago at best, FOX NEWS has picked up this video and it is now on their main web page... go to

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As Mccain would say-you just don't get it . These things will come to be. There is nothing you, I or anybody can do to stop it. Just pray !! Country First......................
Trust me I get it. Anyone who says this economy is fundamentally sound just doesn't get it. Anyone agrees whit McCain doesn't get it either.
Your ramblings are dilusional.
A man was accused of that over 2000 years ago also. People like you were present then. We all know the out-come of that too, don't we.
California, You say we are the most hated country in the world, but aren't we called on first by every country that needs help?? You owe your freedom to travel to other countries to the men and women of the armed forces who are patriotic and serve their country. You also owe your safety for the last 7 years, of which we have had no further terrorist attacks, to George Bush who has the guts not to back down, even when so many were against him. If you don't like this country why don't you move to France?? I hear that don't like to fight for anything either. GO MCCAIN-PALIN 08.
God Bless America!

Go McCain/Palin 2008
I have never said I did not like this country. I realize who I owe my freedom to travel to. I am not responsible for how other countries feel about us, our brilliant president is. Maybe the rest of the world would like us more if he hadn't lied about weapon of mass destruction. As far as moving to France don't make me tell you where you can go.

Clinton and most of congress and other countries agreed that their was weapons of mass destruction. The one who lied was Hussan!!
Have you heard the news??? Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11!!! With your logic we should be whipping some Saudi butt right now. Oh I forgot Bush has his nose up their asses.
So why in the world would you want Obama to get elected then?
The mostly socialist allies depend on America's capitalistic economy to purchase their products that keep their folks employed, pay for their health care, etc.. If we go socialist with Obama, who will we have to depend upon?
So you agree oama is a socialist. Let their system lock you up in a labor camp, and all the young kids as soon as they are big enough to work, for just enough crumbs to keep you alive. If you believe so much in the communist way of life, where people are subjects of the party, and don't have any rights to ownership of any kind, then move to communist China. That way you can work for Wal-Mart, sell them your goods for pennies, jack up their balance sheet so they can snow job wal street and the stupid investors, and o-yes, make their ceo Lee scott millions in bonuses year after year. This is why other nations don't like the U. S. Big business owns congress and congress will continue to sell the laws to big business to make them bigger and bigger til the people decide enough is enough. NAFTA was one such law so to speak. Send jobs out of the U. S. to take advantage of sweat shop labor and send cheap goods back which is sold at a premium to the stupid Americans who now have no job or money to buy the goods with (sounds like somebody just shot themselves in the foot and are too stupid to realize what they are doing) So now big business wants a bail-out, an economic stimulas, a socialist system of give me what I need for I sure ain't willing to work for it program. Give the people some money because our cheap made (high priced) china merchandise is about to rot on our shelves. If just a few people now understand where the real problem is, maybe they can start the ball to rolling to change America back to a proud nation, bring the jobs back and make it greater than it already is, a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people---not of the Govt. , by the Govt. , and for the Govt.


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