From just below $70 to under $20 in three months.

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i bet thats a big hit for any company
Surely it won't go below $10, then a question is when do you buy in?
What about the people who bought near the high?
will they go out of business, when do you sell, to cut your losses?

Keep holding or sell?
Paulson is scheduled to meet with the G7 today. Hopefully, details of that conference will enable the market.

At this point, long seems to be the way to go.
If this Co. goes below $10 Its Toast!
Buy if you want to....but you saw what happen
to GM when it went below 10 bucks....
Now GM biggest question is chapter 13 or chapter 11
At 12 and some change right now. Looks pretty bad for CHK.
Went to 75 cents in 1998 and didn't die. You gonna have to show me the wooden stake driven through the heart before I believe it.
Went to 75 cents....but didnt have a debt to equity ratio like it does now....also it wasnt in the largest global Credit crises EVER and the largest domestic since the great depression. This company is stretched lean in a bull market....there assetts are barried 12k feet under the ground....not where you want them to be when you are starving for cash....Go jump in two dogs....all eight legs first...but im telling you i would be careful! Its going to get alot uglyer than this for these guys!
They seem to have hit bottom and are moving back up.
What about Petrohawk?

Thanks for the post about CHK. That can't be good news.
Especially for Aubrey.


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