Landman Henry Lyle is leasing mineral rights for Tellus Operating Group in the Lakeview and Mallard Bay communities in north Shreveport. Does any one know if TOG is capable of drilling and producing gas out of the Haynesville Shale or do you think they will turn the leases over to a larger company such as Chesapeake?

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Tellus is capable of drilling a Haynesville well. I don't think they would flip the lease.
Yes Tellus is very capable, just pick up a Southeastern Oil review paper and you will see all that they have drilled. Tellus is on the front page at least once a month with a new well. They have established production in Mississippi over the past few years.
Where is Lakeview & Mallard Bay? Does anyone know what section Township & Range they are in--Im out of state now.
Section 29 T18N
Section 23 T18N
what Range??
this is north cross lake, north lakeshore drive (mallard bay) and the east end of the lake (lakeview)
Thank you for being more specific, I had "sort of" figured it must be the lake due to the property is further north. Again thank you.
Do you know if they are capable of horizontal drilling?
I will also throw in my opinion that they are capable. But I wouldn't say for sure that it is their intention. Tellus is further down the food chain from CHK and HK, so we may want to watch and see.
They may be down the food chain a bit but I for one wouldn't sell them short, along with several more small independents. Their books may look way better than some of the big players. From what I have seen they go after the play, a lot of times they buy up HBP properties and develope more zones.
Thanks to all! This information is very helpful.


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