Has anyone been approached to allow seismic testing on their land. We were offered $25.00 an acre to allow a company to conduct seismic testing over a period of 2 weeks. Also, does anybody know if there is any drawbacks or surface issues when a company conducts these test?

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What parish are you speaking of?
Caddo, sec 22 tship 16n rge 12w
I am in 16n 8w. We sent in our permit yesterday. I had an expert in the field look mine over and he said it was a good thing for us. SEIsmic Exchange out of Natchitoches is requesting the permits. I am hoping this test will put us in a sweet spot.
Natchitoches Parish...signed to have it done in November of 2007-
in Township 12 Range 6 W Section 12
This is normal procedure for finding where the best place to drill a well. If the company is reputable they usually dont do any damage to the surface and the equipment is non-invasive. How many acres do you own? If it is small then you will probably only see a cable stretched across the yard about the size of a water hose or extension cord with geophones on it to record the refracted energy when they set off charges on larger tracts of land. The permit should tell you if they are willing to fix damages or if the money you recieve is prepaid damages. Hope this helps
One came by my house today. Offered same amount. They were from Cajun Exploration. They were from are working for Chesapeake. At one of the meeting I've gone to they talked about asking for a report of what they found said that they probably want give it to you. What section are you in ? I'm in section 7.


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