Does anyone have more hard data than speculation? I know everyone wishes we had more to hang our hats on at the moment. Wouldn't it be wonderful when negotiating your lease the O&G Co. would give you their data? That would be fair. But everyone at a certain age learns life isn't always fair.

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Jay do you have data on the Messenger well in Natchitoches parish (s8 t10-r9). Also leasing t10-r8? There are seismic crews working east of Goldonna (Winn parish), Montgomery/ Clarence and Flora areas of Natchitoches parish. I have been told by a engineer working the Martin gas field that the gas companies are looking for the "belly" of the shale.Your thoughts?
go to, search que "North Louisiana Salt Dome Basin" it will be document no. 884681, the article is by Dr. Mancini and Dr. Goddard. The site is a treasure of information. Much will be over most in technical terms but that is what learning is all about. If you are able to read this you have one of the most powerful tools ever provided to the common man, it would be a shame not to use it. The above is not a link this time just google the address and have a look around our tax dollars helped provide it.
I read a paper on Jurassia and Cretaceous Transgressive-Regressive (T-R) Cycles, Northern Gulf of Mexico, USA by Mancini and Puckett. Heavy stuff I had to read it a number of times to get a half way understanding. It had to do with 11 events during those periods where the Gulf of Mexico transgressed then regressed to form the shale and other formations. I base my opinion that a large amount of oil will be found somewhere in the shale off this paper and a few others I have read.
Jack, thanks so much.
this is public info form soris
Congressman, Jeff Thompson?
he's not one yet but no
I think he could be a good one.
then i am him. please send cash. just kidding
All I know is he seems to be a very good attorney.
Go to SONRIS, at the Department of Natural Resourses,
Look at the gas out of Caspiana Field for 2008 and compare it to past years. 2008 - 725,372,961 2005 - 14,893,642
Just wondering if you had any hard data on the Bozman well Serial #236902, as i still have a portion of land that is not leased but they have drilled a well on it.


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