What area is considered the most "hot" spot? I had heard Benton, Bossier (the obvious is Haynesville).

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Scott, I have to admit that the manner in which I "funned" at you wasn't a nice thing to do. I promise you it was directed more toward the guy's around here that have said "your not on the Shale" to me. I thought I was on the Shale but I didn't know for sure.I still don't. But I am entirly too close to EGP #63 to be blown off. Our hunches have paid off ! You have no idea what a relief it has been to finally see fruits of your labors. Our area is begining to wake from a deep sleep. Some now realize that I am not quite as crazy as I seemed to be.
I believe this will be my 4th 5th official appology in the young history of this site but here goes.

Scott , I was wrong to say those things about you. You are on the other side of the fence but that doesn't excuse my behavior. If you are not really in Okla. I would be happy to buy you a tea , since I don't drink , or soda of your choice. If you know Randy the " Landman " and could get him to come with you , I would even buy you guy's and your family members of course , a meal. I respect Randy and am glad that he shares his insights with us on a daily basis . Randy has certainly received rougher treatment then yourself but who is counting. Please do not expect to receive a free pass though , due to this appology . I will just try to be less exuberant about it. Have a nice day ! Be carefull of those snide remarks ! Sometimes they can cause quite a stir !

Your right everyone is entitled to there 2 cents on here but Snakestewart went above and beyond with his comments directed towards me to put me down just because I made a simple comment about not everyone is in the hot spot. Why don't you guys ask the featured geologist on this site about everyone being in the hot spot. I'm pretty sure he made a comment about South Caddo Parish being the hottest area in this play. Ohhh thats right, I forgot you guys are all more knowledgable than reputable geologist specialized in the oil and gas field. I can't wait to hear what everyone says to me about this post....

Refering to this and one of your earlier post. South Caddo takes in a pretty large area; could you be little more specific as to where these wells are located? I live out in the Grawood Community and was curious how close these wells are. How many mcfd? Are they listed as completed on Sonris? Also, where is new pipline being laid? Not trying to call anyone out here-just wanting info. Thanks in advance for your reply. ---doughboy
Are you saying that the Williams 22 is Chesapeake's best well yet and if so how do you know this? I was on the pad with the well testers on Feist 28 and I can tell you it's no weak sister.
I do not pretend to know anything about geology, but I know some people are now in "THE hot spot" and after time some people will find out they are in "A hot spot". And please don't put words in my mouth.

Sorry, I didn't intend to direct any of my replies to you. I should have put Scotts name on them. Apparently your posts came in between mine and I meant to be talking to Scott. I am and always will be in full agreement with your definition of "the hot spot. But I still think that some people will at some point in time find theirselves in what they consider to be in "A hot spot". I know that it is not likely that "THE hot spot will" change based on future drilling. But I think many people will find later that they are in somewhat of a hot spot, and that is what this site is all about. I certianly realize that some people probably have unreasonable expectations, but I am not one of them. Once again Jay, please accept my apologies, because none of my post were directed at you. Many thanks to you.
( QUOTE from Scott ) Not everyone is in the hot spot!!! Not even close...

It appeared to me that you were "angry" typing as I do on occasion. I may have read more into this then I should. It appeared to me that you were happy some wouldn't be in the "hot spot " and that wasn't very nice. Just as one should never be a sore loser , one should never be a sore winner either. I wish everyone could be on the Shale ! You just can't have my spot........... See how terrible that last statement sounded !

As to the GEO's opinions. Nothing personal guy's but I need drillbit proof at this stage of the game. That will be what drives the next level of bonus movements in my area. We all know its here now for the most part. Just need a little more clarity.
Duly noted
Thanks for posting that Shale. Much appreciated....

I think birddawg was directing that towards me. I have been chastized for not agreeing with them that everyone is the hot spot. Thanks for all you do on this site. It is very much appreciated by all.
I certainly was not chastizing you, I actually agree with you on the point of "the hot spot" (and as it is described by Jay). I just don't like to see things on this site that seems to attempt to deflate anyones enthusiasm towards this play. I think this "hot spot" term is somewhat relative. And I hope that many people on this site someday find theirselves in somewhat of a hot spot.
I appreciate and respect your posts. Good luck to all.
I certainly agree with you. Didn't mean any disrespect towards you.


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