I have hinted in several different posts on several different sites about the possibility of a multiparish coalition.Is this something that is too farfetched to even contemplate,or something that could make Big O & G tremble?

Make no mistake,I will get mine eventually! Just as most of the well informed Posters on these Blogs.

We need continuity for ourselves to a certain extent but this is about more then that to me now. As my fellow "shale" friends know from the whining and whimpering I have been doing these couple of months( seems much longer doesn't it doc & kas) it is about helping everybody you can.

In a selfish kind of way I would rather hear people talk about how "I helped them get theirs" instead of hearing them say "I wish I would have gotten mine" or "that extra $8,000 to $10,000 per acre sure would have made a difference for my Family." This situation has caused me to totally rethink what this means to me!From being totally engulfed with a self serving "me and mine" type attitude to almost coming to tears when I see someone get mowed over.I guess as a Doctor must come to the conclusion so must we,you can't save them all.But you certainly must try.

To the few clowns out there who may be snickering about the softer side of me.Please do not view this as weakness because I still spoon feed cobra's in my spare time.Ha! Ha! Read that line somewhere last night and knew I was going to have to use it.

Please give me your input.Thanks and Have A Great Day!!

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I'm still in my wimpering stage, by the way. But you are right...big O&G would tremble when faced with a large coalition. It would take a massive effort. How would you start the ball rolling?
A coalition of neighborhoods in the Barnett shale represents 5,000 households and just brokered a deal for $27,000.00 per acre and 25% royalty. It was successfull because each of the neighborhoods represented had a neighborhood association to work on it together. The idea of doing the same thing here is exciting but I am not sure how practical it is from a time and energy stand point. Good luck with forming a massive coalition. As people become more educated it may become more of a possibility but it is certainly more than this single Mom could take on! I know how much work has gone into me pulling my neighbors together to get 148 acres in a coalition.
I understand what you mean about wanting to reach out to others, while I definitely want to ensure I get a fair deal I find myself spending most of my time advising others and putting on public forums to educate those without access to homeowners assotiations, attorneys and such. Those are the people who are getting offered terrible deals or worse yet being taken advantage of by the landmen and slick willie attorney's who are offering to represent them for a percentage of their royalty.
Dry your eyes and keep on talking to folks..knowledge is power! God bless your soft heart too! :-)
Bossier City, Go to http://www.dogwoodhoa.com/. $8,750.00 per acre if 90% sign.
Here is how some south Louisiana/Mississippi landowners have joined together for strength in numbers: www.tuscaloosamarineshale.com

The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale is an oil play as opposed to gas, thus far the $$$ have not been anything near the Haynesville, however it can be done across multi parishes/counties.
Do you really feel that 80 % is already leased ?If (per PetroHawk) acreage will be leasing in 3 years" if this is golden" from $40,000 to $50,000,where is this land coming from ? Will the maps again start swelling out to their former greatness,increasing fringe areas,or are these simply going to be holdouts from this initial campaign? Surely nobody has the intestinal fortitude to hold out that long!I know I dont!Is PetroHawk still tooting its own horn to boost its value for sell ? It is very difficult to follow these guys.
If 80% is already leased, that means they captured the entire Haynesville Shale before they could even clean up Barnett with a 3 year head start.
If this is true then I am on the fringe just like SW Arlington and Mount Olive B.C. Group in Fort Worth.They just signed for $27,000 an acre.Haynesville Shale is (per PetroHawk)many times more gas ladden and valuable than Barnett.Offers are going to start really moving upward to keep up with projections ,if people are going to get a good value for what they have.I truly think the 80% is a smokescreen.Nothing more than a ploy to devalue remaining property.Offers have jumped several thousand dollars in the last week or so.I am sure big O & G doesn't want that trend to continue upwards.Thanks for your input,Have a Great Day!
Good point but some of the people that are under lease are finding themselves not being held by Cotton Valley on Sibley side of Bistineau.The larger tracts were sucked up long ago.That doesn't concern 95% of the people left unsigned on this discussion board anyway as we are all small tract/lot owners.Just like SWAPO2 and Mount Olive B.C. If you can't get neighbors or dont have any left what do you do?Hoist up the white flag.That will get you nowhere!I just really would like to get somewhere
80% leased? Hmm, Well I live in Greenwood and know many who have not leased as of yet. I have heard Greenwood is in the prime of the shale area and prices should show it. AS of now the highest lease I know of in Greenwood is 10000.00 per acre. That was about 2 weeks ago. It seems prices are going up from that point in time. And hearing that Barnette Shale just sighned for 27k per acre gives me some hope that things may be getting better here. I do not think 80% of Greewood is leased. Do know Fortress MGT is working in Greenwood and has over 1000 acres. So we will see how they do. Another record could be set with some luck. Everyone will benifit With any luck.
I would love to join a DeSoto Parish group. How would we do it? We have two parcels 103.33 acres Section 28 and 120acres Section 20.
Email me at kassi205@aol.com and we can talk about it.
In what township(s) are your 2 properties located?
Township11N Range 14W and Township 11 NRange 14 west.
Looks like both of these are HBP by the 1980 lease signed with mobil.


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