Does anyone know where their focus area is? Any chance of them doing any leasing in Natchitoches Parish?

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XTO & Hunt have gas & oil wells in Web. in the Cotton Valley field. XTO is currently drilling 2 wells east of Cotton Valley, La. One is beside Hwy 160 the other is about a mile north of Hwy 160 on the east side of Dorcheat Bayou. They have drilled several wells and all are producing, none dry. So far they are staying inside the Cotton Valley field. We are about 1 mile from the field. Hoping for a wildcat but we are not leased at this time.
old as dirt,
Have not heard about any "wildcatters" out there. Where do they figure into the play, or, are the small independents considered the "wildcat" players. Drilling to the depths of the shale, seems like that would put alot of small operators completely out of the game.
Shelby, When I referred to wildcat I was talking about a well drilled outside of an established field. I have always been told that is a wildcat well, but I am learning so many things that I thought was true but isn't, so this name may not be correct.
They may be late but have already established a 100,000 acre position in the HS play according to a recent presentation. But there are no details regarding the specific parishes or counties.
I have plotted out all of XTO drill sites based on permits obtained from the state.

Currently, since 2006 there are 38 sites (XTO) in the Cotton Valley field.

Hunt had significant lease holdings in the Cotton Valley area so I am told.

Do you think the CV Field is in the Haynesville shale?

Caddo Visitor says, nay!!!!
Har, It may not be HS but there have been some very good gas producers in the CV field. As soon as one well is completed another site is ready.


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