ETF Update: Oil Service ETFs, Nat. Gas Plays@

FYI, for those who would appreciate a good read on NG in the "world" climate, check out article by Tom Lydon, dated May 15, 2008 . Look @ world map NG prices. Read article, and then check out "comments."
Look for blogger "sail" and comment made June 2nd. Great blogging on NG prices. "sail" suggesting NG prices at $18. (U.S.)

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fyi: NG @ $13.24 and going up!
Hey Doc,hope things are going well with you. I seem to have gained the attention of the proverbial 600 lb gorilla.I guess I have such a magnetic personality.It may be that I smell of banana's.Anyway, just checking in on you.Have a great one!Keep passing the info!!!!


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