Current Offers recieved-How Much? By Whom? Where? POST THEM AND AREA SO WE CAN COMPARE

We need to start a database to compare offers which are running from $125. to a Claimed $30.000 an Acre. PLEASE, NO "I HEARD...."s!

There are over 400 landmen trying to cash in by leasing low .

Knowledge is power. Post your offers so we can compare and weed out the rumors and lies. Before we all get "force pooled" Lets try to keep it useful,HOW MUCH? BY WHOM? LOCATION OR AREA? Thanx!

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I got a call last night It is Cowboy Church group that J.Wesley White is negotiating for not E 80 O&G . Cowboy church group have now 2000 acres in Bossier Parish area. No Offer No J.W.White. What's Up With that? The E 80 group will start Negotiating in October,So I was told.
what happened to J. Wesley White? I came from Texas to one meeting he had at a church on Mansfield Hwy. and the intersection of Hwy 5. I got his card that says "JK Consultants" his partner was Keith Sharrah;and spoke with him on the phone twice after getting no one seems to know how to contact him or where he can be found! Looks like we're on our own...good I didn't sign a paper with him!
The only J. Wesley White that I know is from Heflin and lives in Shreveport. I thought that he was in the insurance business, he could be also into this if this is the same person. Going around churches sounds like him. Him and his family leased their land over here in Webster Parish
I Have lived here since 69 and the only lawyer named White is David, they may be related.
I was afraid when E80 started up that too much of the area they cover was already leased and would be to fragmented to be effective.
should not be much longer before the cleanup round of leasing starts, though judging for the failure of many of the later groups in the and New York, offers will probably be much lower.

Any current activity anywhere else,folks?
I have 21 acres in waskom tx R.L. Wright Survey A-790 and I was looking for a good landman to check on my m-r to it. If anyone has any #,s it whould help.

Yes, 3 years with no option. I was offered the choice of having a 2 year option at the same bonus and I said no. I began speaking with the different o/g companies back in June. The companies, landmen and telephone numbers are the same ones that I gave you earlier.
South Bossier, parts of Sections 24 and 23 were signed at $20,000 per acre and 25% royalties with Petrohawk. These are real numbers and verified by people who actually received their checks.
South Claiborne Parish

Section 20-21 T19N 05W (255 acres) Continental Resources offered us $1,250 per acre 3 year/2year extension. We chose not to sign.
Finally! 20,000 per acre on ten acres, 3 year option in 16-14 sec 13, Forbing area. Sendero Energy Partners, Dallas, Tx cashier's check. I do not have a phone # as we did it through a family member and I cant give out his number. Im so happy, Shale is can be a BIG stress. The first thing I did was call my CPA and estimate taxes. I found out if you pay state taxes early, you can wite that money off on your federal taxes I then called my guy at Wachovia, Shane Sumlin, great guy by the way, very helpful and knowledgable who set up a liquid account for us until this all sinks in.
If you pay off your state taxes early, can you really write that money off on your federal taxes? How does that work? We received a lease bonus back in May and have been making estimated quarterly payments to IRS and LA. Our last payments will be due by Jan 15, 2009. What is considered early? Will we have to pay the remainder of the LA taxes by the end of 08 or will Jan 15 be sufficient to qualify to take it off our federal taxes???
Susan, did you research this co. (Sendero Energy)? how reputable are they? is the Forbing area in DeSoto parish? if so, where?
Forbing area is south Caddo Parish. It used to be a separate little community a long time ago but is now considered "in town". It's near the intersection of Ellerbe and Flournoy-Lucas Road.


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