Current Offers recieved-How Much? By Whom? Where? POST THEM AND AREA SO WE CAN COMPARE

We need to start a database to compare offers which are running from $125. to a Claimed $30.000 an Acre. PLEASE, NO "I HEARD...."s!

There are over 400 landmen trying to cash in by leasing low .

Knowledge is power. Post your offers so we can compare and weed out the rumors and lies. Before we all get "force pooled" Lets try to keep it useful,HOW MUCH? BY WHOM? LOCATION OR AREA? Thanx!

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Love that Tommy Williams! Oh - sorry.
Ms. Morgan,
I don't want to start a political debate on this site, but be careful what you wish for. Senator Obamah has stated that he will raise capital gains to 29% if elected. Presently, capital gains tax is at about 15%. Maybe you and I are in very different tax brackets, but the change would hurt me.
I have heard of this Hunnicutt Hill Corp lately also...showing up in So. DeSoto Parish near Sabine line.

Anybody know who this company is/represents? Is JW Porter a landman for them or Chesapeake, or both? I thought he was a local guy in Mansfield.
He is a Broker, works for what ever O & G company gives him a job.
I believe HHC is a broker for Chesapeake. Not familiar with JW Porter
I am new to the website, and did not research all of the answers since you posted this question on August 5th, so someone else may have answered about Hunnicut Hill. Go to the Louisiana Secretary of State for Corporations and you will see that the officers of Hunnicut Hill are JW and Linda Porter.
Did you guys see where Har C2 now has a map of each parish with the section map on the same page, side by side? This makes it so handy to glance over and locate a person's whereabouts within the section map.
Yes, that is a "great" offer. I'd take it in a heartbeat.
Are you sure he was not just seeking an OPTION ? the time limit seems odd.
I spoke with Patton Energy for my group as well. I chose to turn the offer down on our behalf after researching the company. I could not find ANYTHING about them on line. I started asking around about them and found 2 groups who had tried to deal with them.
One accepted the offer they signed a 30 day contract. The deal was like this: you sign a 30 day contract. He then tries to find someone to purchase your contract for more than what he is paying you. If he can not find a buyer he cuts you loose from the contract. Meanwhile, you are out of negotiation with other companies for 30 days. This group got cut loose after 30 days. No $27,000.00 and no 27%. Instead 30 days later they had to regroup and start over.
The second group made an appointment for Mr. Patton. He never showed up to the meeting.
You have to remember folks not every company is one you want to deal with. You should research all companies in depth. Look at their track record, their experience with horizontal drilling, their stock market history, their legal history. Make sure the company you deal with has the funds to actually pay. One man around here had a check for around a million come back NSF after signing a contract with a smaller company. If you deal with a smaller company make them put the money in a kind of escrow account prior to signing. This is a business deal folks, treat it as such. Either get very savy yourself or hire someone who is.

Thank you so much for posting your intel on the company. When I read the offer, it sure looked tempting. Now the appeal is gone for me. Thank you again.
Do you know anything about Lone Star Land Development? They have contacted us and I fear that they may be like the Patton Company. I would appreciate any information that you may have on them.


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