Current Offers recieved-How Much? By Whom? Where? POST THEM AND AREA SO WE CAN COMPARE

We need to start a database to compare offers which are running from $125. to a Claimed $30.000 an Acre. PLEASE, NO "I HEARD...."s!

There are over 400 landmen trying to cash in by leasing low .

Knowledge is power. Post your offers so we can compare and weed out the rumors and lies. Before we all get "force pooled" Lets try to keep it useful,HOW MUCH? BY WHOM? LOCATION OR AREA? Thanx!

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I live off hwy.169 at Bumcombe rd. I have 3.11 acres and was offered 19,000 an acre 25 % by Petrohawk.
$2,500 per acre
Township 20 North
Section 18
Range 9 west
Offered today.
That sounds like a really low offer. What part of town is your section in ?
That is not a good offer.
What company if I may ask?

Any more current offers in North Louisiana? Anyone?
Continental Resources
20,000 25% 3 yrs Desoto
Could I ask you where in Desoto and what company you signed with. We have 19 acres in the Rambin community we have yet to lease. Entertaining offers.
not sure if you already answered this question; but could you tell us where you are in DeSoto parish, and section, township, range? what co. you signed with and contact info? if don't want to post could you email me (

I do not know where Jason is located but I also have the same offer, $20,000, 3 years, no option at same bonus as I did not wish to have it, 25% no cost royalty, no surface rights. This is from Chesapeake. I have also received similar offers from XTO, Petrohawk and lease interest from J-W. I am in 15n 14w by I-49. I hope that you are able to receive offers for the same or more!
T14NR14W signed offer from EnCana for $15,000, 3 years, 25%. Haynesville depths.
I have only heard of one Group signing this week. That was in west Shreveport. Anyone know if any of the other Groups, e80 Oil and gas, Princeton, etc, have accomplished anything?
Only hearing of limited inquiries East Texas, south Caddo parish, East Webster parish. Anyone hear anything else?
No E80 O&G,Princeton Have Not. We was told By this person J.Wesley White Who is negotiating for us for about a month now, have not had an offer yet and we have at least 1800 acres. Do any one know anything about this guy JW White? The Princeton /Haughton area is in Bossier Parish. We are still waiting on a lease offer.


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