I think it would be a good idea to compile a list in a single thread of those groups and individuals that might not be 100% solid.

Please start each post with the name of the entity or individual.

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Law firm of Ketcham, Cheatham and Howe seems suspicious to me. Anyone had any dealings with them?
Are they next door to Dewey, Cheatem and Badd?
I believe they are.
Is there anyway to find out who acquires leases once they've been recorded?
Petro-Chem, anyone had any dealings with them?
Watermark Energy Inc. Hurst, TX

I have signed a lease with them and now they are dragging their feet in paying my bonus money. Once I sign the lease and my mineral rights check out how long do they have to pay me? The rep told me that they were waiting on a legal opinion.
Anyone heard of or had any dealings with Marlin Coastal LLC or a Landon K. Bussier?
Not sure why this dropped off the discussion page.
Still trying to keep this discussion thread current. . . again, anyone had any dealings with Marlin Coastal LLC or Landon K. Bussier?
Does anyone know Cherokee Horn Production L. P.?
WOW....... who where the others under investigation they were talking about on the news?
That is a group that I ask about before the Cedar Grove deal and no one knew them.
As of Sept 08 they have not drilled a well in Texas either. They made me a low offer and I declined too, I was thinking they just wanted to flip the lease.


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