I have been told that there may have been seismic testing already done in our area in South Sabine Parish. I have been told that this was done by helicopter. I personally have witnessed some non-military helicopters in South Sabine parish during last deer season. I assumed that they were part of the military exercises on Peason Ridge. I am now wondering if the Oil and Gas Co's already have this seismic information and know exactly what is under our land. If they were able to do it from the air, we would have never known that it was being done. My question is: Can someone explain the procedure for doing seismic testing from the air? Also, does anyone have any knowledge of these test on the south end of the play? Thanks in advance for the info.

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Thanks Jim. That answers my question.
Can you tell me what kind of damage the seismic crews do to the land as my family has been approached about doing this on their land and they are concerned about the damage to trees and if the work is done in the winter after the rains begin. If we agree to this is there a clause for them to repair such damages.
Herman, in our contract there is a paragraph that states that any damage will be taken care of by the company testing.

Where is your property located?
caddo, t16 r16


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