Is a section map available on line?

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There is an interactive map available through the Department of Natural Resources. Go to this website and click on Interactive maps:
Make sure you copy the entire link above. This forum is not letting me link it properly because of the hyphen in the middle. Sorry!

Click on interactive maps. Once the map comes up you can choose whatever options you want to look at. For Sections I click on Boundaries ->then can check townships, Then click the T next to township for it to label them. Then do the same for sections. Then another option I select is imagery and maps which once you check map(1:24000) will show roads so you can see where you are.

Here is a way to get a copy of section, township, range maps:

Go to www.

on left side point at gismaps online (don't click)

In drop down box click on state, district and parish maps

read disclaimer, click accept

it will take you to a page that has all parish maps as well as other maps.  choose the one you are interested in and click on it. 


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