How long does it take for your lease to get posted at the court house after you sign, and receive you money ? It's been well over a month and ours still hasn't been posted...also does the 3 yr lease start at signing or when they post it with the court house ? thanks for any help...

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What do you mean "posted". Do you mean recorded?
yes, i'm sorry recorded...
The lessee can present the lease to the clerk to record at any time after it is signed by the lessor. Once presented and recorded it is then considered an authentic act. The dates on the lease are the prescriptive dates. Help any?
The lease is effective as of signing date. Some companies hold leases for a while so as not to tip off other companies that they are leasing and where. The recording can range from immediately to several months. If there are two leases, (if someone signs another lease on same property) the first one to the court house is the one that's in effect, regardless of date.
thanks a lot for everyone's's much appreciated...
Re the posts by Jim and Slick - not keeping the nose to the grindstone could take some skin off the butt. Fair law with funny consequences.
If you have not been compensated ($) for lease, you can lease to another O&G even if lease is recorded. Lease is not binding if you haven't been paid!


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