Water needed to Drill - can companies pump from public bodies of water?

Companies are going to need a lot of water to drill, and as we've seen in recent news bites, NW Louisiana may not have enough in aquifers. Has anyone heard of companies leasing up land near lakes or rivers in order to have access to the water? Are energy companies allowed to just pump water out willy-nilly? We signed a lease, and I'm wondering if they really wanted the water: we have access to a good bit of surface water - not on our land, but on the boundaries. (Our lease states they are not allowed to take water from on or under our property). Any thoughts?

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See Quality of Life under Discussions, and Health, Safety... Environment under groups. There is growing concern over use of resources, etc.
Can't see any good coming from the use of standing or aquifer water. But I don't see much wrong with using water from the Red. Use should be monitored, and river levels watched, but the source is big. I'd have more questions with disposal of the dirty water after they get through with it. Using the river probably up to the Fed and Corps of Engineers. Might be a bigger fight than they want. Some developer got it done when they built those townhouses along Clyde Fant - made a little lake for the residents. Easier to drill water wells or buy municipal water? Me - if I was in it for the long haul - I'd say take me to the river.
Found a bit more infor. The state can okay pumping from waterways. Looks like some abuses have already occurred - draining streams, ponds, etc. No reason for it not to happen here too. Lots of info on the web about the problems with treating frac water. Companies claim proprietary formulas they will not divulge. Treatment facilities unwilling to accept unknown contaminants. Let the drilling companies treat the water to the state's requirements then pump it back into the next well. And there is fed money available for recycled water treatment plants. Done deal.

Thank you all - Keith, interesting that you found that the state can ok pumping from waterways.....that's what I was wondering, and whether they allow it to be done very often.
Guess they'll get their water where ever they want if it will take each individual land owner that loses their well to have to sue the O&G.
Their lawyers will just drive up the legal expenses so high for the land owner to the point it isn't worth it.
The only thing that could stop the O&G drilling for water will probably be an act of the legislature or DNR ruling.


Four or five barrels of frac fluid on the surface isn't as dangerous as the mind that decides it is okay to dump the crud. I can put my hand in a flame and it doesn't hurt either but I know better than to leave it there. The whole story bothers me at gut level.
Water: we have a small lake -- about 4-5 acres -- in S26, T12N, R13W. How does one go about contacting the drillers to negotiate a water sale?
Can you say what they paid for water?
Do you know why the well in S25-12-13 has not been placed in production? On Sonris it is showing waiting on state potential and has been since 12/29/09. Is it because of lack of a pipeline in that area?

No, I do not know for sure.   We also own an interest in that section, so if you find out anything, we'd like to know!

Contact Benjamin Hall at Wright Water Resources. He can probably help you. Ben's e-mail bhall@WrightWaterResources.com.  Tell him Steve Thevenot sent you.
Don't they have to get approval from the dnr..?


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