Okay experts, I've got a bonehead question. What does it mean when a well has 7000 lbs of pressure?

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Hey Jim, I don't know .... I'm referring to a rumor I heard about the Messenger well.

Well - you said it was a technical question.

Or you could use the analogy of piling books on a balloon. Then testing the psi inside without totally rupturing the skin. Blowouts are to be avoided I think.
I think thats bottom hole formation pressure
Is that the pressure they encounter when the drill bit gets there? How in the world would they keep the bit in the hole! Seems like 7000lbs would launch that sucker into outer space!
PG, the weight of the drilling fluid (mud) is sufficient to contain the pressure.

Sorry - post should have had a link on it. Above is site. Copy and paste to address pane.
very interesting. The link is clickable. have it bookmarked for future reading.
Thanks for the site. Johnny
Sorry guys, didn't mean to put your cerebrals in a bind. Just that I heard a "rumor" that the Messenger well has 7000 lbs of pressure (same as Westdale) someone told me, and was curious what it meant. Sorry I don't have the vocabulary for O&G conversation, just trying to learn like everyone else.
7000 "pounds per square inch'' would generally mean shut in tubing presure at the surface. Bottom hole presure would be this plus the weight of what ever was in the hole . The weight of the gas is small, but with drilling mud in the hole , the wight of the materal is very important. Say a well is 10,000 deep and you have 15 Pound mud in the hole, the bottom hole presure will then be 15x10,000x.052 or 7,800 psi. Hope this helps..
Thanks, DD for that explanation.
Jim, you should clarify the pressures you quoted are flowing pressures rather than shut-in pressures.
DD, bottom hole pressure would be the shut-in surface pressure plus the weight of the natural gas. Assuming the 7000 psi is shut-in surface pressure, the bottom hole pressure would be ~ 8500 psi for a 10,000' depth.


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