We are trying to get a group together. We were told by one of the Twin Cities landmen that if we could get 10 acres together (about 50 homes), we could get a higher signing bonus. Right now we have about 15 homes. Our last bonus amount was $5500.

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Open your home to your neighbors for a meeting. You may have to move all of your furniture out of the room and bring in lawn chairs! Print fliers with information regarding date and time of meeting and distribute to everyone in your subdivision. Our neighborhood did this at my home. I offered refreshments to my guest and we sat around and talked about our wish list! We were able to commit over 100 acres in just 2 meetings! Someone has to just "do it". If not, you will all have to be content with the paltry $5500.00 offer. Sure, it takes time and effort, but you will only be sorry if you don't try.
We are now at the point where we will need to move to a larger venue and that is just what we not only wanted, but certainly expected. You can easily turn that 15 home into 30 homes and more if you act now to get it together.
Best of luck.
I live in Golden Meadows, how do I get in contact with you.
I live in Golden Meadows, how do I contact you?
It is true that if you organize you will get better offers. You need to get out and talk to people in the neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods. Find someone on each street who is willing to be a kind of street captain who works with the folks on their street and then comes together with the leaders in the neighborhood to discuss concerns, etc. You need to make sure everyone is committed to banding together. Communication is very important as is education.
I just received a call about Golden Meadows joining River Bend. There will be a meeting at the fire station in River Bend on Sunday, July 13, at 5 PM. We will be passing out flyers in the near future and watch for a sign at the entrance of GM.
We plan to have a lawyer, and a landman in attendance to brief us.
All totaled we have aprx 100 acres of land involved in our transaction here
in Riverbend. That coupled with Golden Meadows would make for a
formidable transaction..... Plan to attend the meeting if you can at the
I WILL be there!!!! Thanks
Hook up with KB or Parker to answer your questions.


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