Recently Gatrpaw posted under the title "Some Thoughts to Share...Hopefully Helpful to the Novice GHS're! Hopefully all members have read this as it contains excellent advice. Based upon responses to date only a few members appear to have read this. I posted a recommendation for a book which I believe all members can benefit from. I am hopeful this posting well be read by many others.Hopefully  you will read Gatrpaws posting ass well as all posted comments.

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Thanks for sharing, Jim


This book was Great!!. Thanks for the heads up Mr. Sanders. Please post any other reading material that will help me understand the business. Everyone wants to learn as much as they can about the business. Since you are a geologist, mineral owner and an operator you are able to give insight that most of us would like to have. Please  continue to share your most valued opinion

Loved getting to read The Frackers.  Well worth the time and the money. 

I saw The Fockers for what it's worth. DeNiro was superb.


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