A happy day for America A sad Day for Democracy and Capitalism

I know this will probably get deleted and My Profile may also but here you go. Today was a triumph for some and a slap in the face for others. I am so sad that america has chosen this path that are for fathers faught so hard to protect. We have been lied to as american people. Democracy and capitalsim must come to an end. This may not be the end but a chapter in the book of History of this great nation. My Faith is in god, that he will not unleash anything we cant handle. This is the tourning point of what many of us know as normal. America is about to experience change, change that many of us want and many us dont. I dont understand the change, and I think none of us do. There is an empty spot inside of me with today with questions spinning around it. I just dont understand america, I just dont understand. He told you it was about to change, every time you read his name it was "CHANGE". I can promise you one thing, you may not like the change but he was honest, it will change! Yesterday is history as tomorrow is our future and our future will Change. God bless this great country, God Bless Democracy, God Bless Capitalism, God Bless Americam, God bless Barack Hussein Obama, God bless us all.

Bill G

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Aren't I a kind guy, don't forget the 3 muskateers.
Your argument is based upon the assumption that he was born in Hawaii. I don't believe he was.
He is not legally a U.S. natural-born citizen according to the law on the books at the time of his birth, which falls between 'December 24,1952 to November 13, 1986. Presidential office requires a natural-born citizen, if the child was not born to two U.S. Citizen parents, which of course is what exempts John McCain though he was born in the Panama Canal. Additionally, McCain was born on a military base.
No, I'm a veteran and I must say that I'm quite happy to see the righteous Demo's triumphant! It is W that is the greatest threat to our constitution that we have ever had..... We will probably also save capitalism when we retrieve our economy from the Republican cronyism that we have had for 8 years.
I am not happy about the outcome of this recent election.

One of my dearest friends told me Wednesday morning that I need to get over it – that it probably won't make much difference because all the real power is in the Congress anyway, but as much and I love and respect my dear friend, I disagree because we have this weird thing going on where the courts want to legislate (and have done so, overriding a certain Colorado vote I won't go into here), and we have a president-elect who seems to have no qualms about hanging out and taking money from terrorists and felons – so I see little there to comfort me at this time and we have career politicians backing him up.

However, growing up in the a small community in East Texas, my parents taught me that if I truly believed something was wrong, find a way to do something about it legally, morally and ethically and try to hurt as few feelings as possible in the doing – so that is what this email is all about. So, if I step on any toes here, I apologize, but my conservative toes have been pretty well squashed lately, so bear with me, please.

So, here is my puny little plan – which just might work…..

Let's exercise our right to free speech (while we still can) to tell you how I plan to "redistribute" my hard earned dollars.

I do a lot of shopping either by mail order catalogs or by internet . Today I emptied a stack of catalogs out of the mailbox and happened to be looking at Fox News website at Noon. There is an interactive map (http://elections.foxnews.com/states_map/index.html ) that shows how the election turned out in the United States. All the states are either blue for democrat or red for Republican. By clicking on a state you can see how the counties in each state voted. By entering a zip code you can see how that area voted. Out of curiosity, I entered a zip code off the back of a catalog. Blue state, blue county - into the trash it went. Hmmm… I may be onto something here.

I'm choosing to spend my money in the areas of the country that didn't vote for socialism, redistribution of wealth, erosion of civil rights and tossing out the Constitution of the United States of America.


I need a new coat: LL Bean -- Freeport, ME (blue county in a blue state -- trash it and write to them – yes WRITE a letter advising them to take you off their mailing list and WHY). Cabelas -- Sidney, NE (red county in a red state)

If your favorite microbrewery is New Belgium in Ft Collins, CO (blue county in a blue state) but if you also like Shiner in Shiner, TX (red county in a red state).

One of my grandsons is having a birthday soon and Christmas is coming up. I have toy catalogs from VA (blue), MO (mostly red but still counting), MA (blue), VA (blue) & TX (Red and proud of it!).!

Vacations: Colorado and New Mexico are out for weekend trips. Maybe we'll check out Oklahoma this next year. If you are planning on taking my family to Disney World in Dec 2009. (Orlando, FL – blue county in a blue state) you may have to weigh values against promises, but it would be a good ethics class for the kids. Maybe you can talk her into Six Flags Over Texas.

Movies and the liberal media? Don't get me started.

Obama had the largest political donations EVER. He has not published his donor list (or birth certificate, resume, college transcripts, bar exam--) but, Liberals gave him that money. (By the way, I logged onto Obama's website trying to find out more about him and his promoted policies, but all I got for the effort was right at 15 emails from them asking me for money. I got what I was looking for – he wanted my MONEY – that was his policy.

I found a searchable website that gives names, amounts and to which party the donation was made. www.newsmeat.com And another site is www.followthemoney.org Be informed.

If I buy something from a liberal, some of that money may go to Obama 2012, the DNC, the PLO, ACORN, the Karl Marx Appreciation Society or any other bunch of left wing boneheads. If I buy from conservatives maybe the GOP or the NRA get some money.

Also, if you are hiring workers, please abide by the law and make sure they are legal workers. If you have illegal aliens working for you, SHAME ON YOU and STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Some of these people voted for Obama and cancelled your vote. Also, write the legislators and let them know you will not stand for amnesty – let's try to adhere to the laws which are in place.

My guess is that conservatives have more disposable income than the college kids and the unemployed and illegals that elected him. Together, we can even beat Ms. Winfrey. By the way, do you really need to read her magazine, read her recommended books and watch her show? No, you don't need her at all. Cancel your subscription if you have one and WRITE a letter to her and tell her why you are doing that. Letters work BUT money gets people's attention.

I'm just one person and my small amount of cash doesn't mean much BUT, together we can make a difference.

Be sure to let those blue companies know why they aren't getting your business or they'll blame their economic down turn on President Bush.

I'm still buying from Americans. I'm just choosing which Americans to buy from now.

If you agree with me, pass it on. If you don't agree, come up with a better idea and pass that on.

God bless America! We are, for the present, still "free".

Do I sound like an idiot to you – frankly, I don't care what anyone thinks any longer. I love this country and want it to last so that my child and my grandchildren and all my nieces and nephews and cousins and their families can have a great place to live and bless and be blessed and unless we start now, that may not be the case.

Write, call, email and hound your congressional representatives and DEMAND that they repeal NAFTA, and tell them what you will do if they put a windfall profits tax into place. Promise them you will VOTE them out of office and then do it. We need a complete overhaul there and if any of you out there are game, consider running for office and if you get there (bless you), propose bills setting TERM LIMITS so that we don't have more career politicians who have no touch with the real working people of this nation. Tell them you want the illegals moved out of the country and that you expect them to take the illegals off government aid of any kind until, if and when they come back legally and agree to abide by our laws, pay taxes and contribute to our nation. AND tell them that it must be mandatory that they speak English. And while I am still on a roll, tell them that WE NEITHER NEED NOR WANT SPAINISH ON OUR VOTING REGISTRATION CARDS OR OUR BALLOTS and to stop mandating that county and/or state employees speak Spanish. What a crock that is – we are catering to part of the bunch which is bankrupting our local, state and national economies.


Get some good righteous indignation going if you have to, but don't let this lapse from your memory. We have to give this president-elect a chance, and we certainly will because we are fair-minded, good people looking for the good in everyone – hoping and praying for that as well, but I for one will be watching him and our governmental representatives like a HAWK and praying that it comes out better than we believe that it might. Go to a good Bible-believing church, pray and keep yourselves informed.

One of the Obama supporters said to me the other day that all of McCain's support came from the "lesser educated states of the nation", and I nailed his carcus to the wall. I reminded him that most of the states which supported McCain were the exact states in the Bible belt of this nation and that if I ever heard him say we supported McCain because we were "lesser educated", I would publically take him to task for it. Stand up and be counted. You may have to be politically incorrect, but I am tired of taking it on the cuff as a Christian and turning a deaf ear to the mess we hear on the TV and in our everyday lives. We simply cannot be silent any longer. No one I know supported McCain because he was "white", but I know personally that several of my good African-American friends supported Obama simply because he was black. I asked one of my friends if Obama had been white and had the exact same credentials, would she have voted for him – she was totally silent, but the look on her face told me the story. With her Christian background, her values, she would have raised holy hell about his ties to Islam, his ties to terrorists, his ties to felons, his "socialist redistribution of wealth" mantra and the fact that he seems to have no good plan at all – just a lot of pretty words.

Be politically incorrect if you have to – Don't be afraid to say it is wrong for illegals to be here and that they should leave and try to come back legally. Don't patronize businesses who hire illegals if you can help it. Tell your governmental representatives you want the fence between us and Mexico finished very soon. Tell them to also tell Mexico that unless we get their cooperation, we will stop the aid to their country. Don't be afraid to say that marriage is between one man and one woman and that our laws should not say contrary to that. Stand up for what you believe and become vocal about it.

And stop listening to CNN and stop purchasing from their advertisers and WRITE to the media and their advertisers and tell them why you are doing this. Block CNN from your roster of available TV channels and everyone can do this on their remote control. We saw first hand how we were manipulated by the media who wanted Obama elected. Stop listening to them and listen to yourself and what you know is right and good.

Lastly, let your governmental representatives know that freedom of religion and freedom of speech is a right they cannot take away from us. Our pastors need to be able to say what they want in our churches without fear of risking the church's tax-exempt status or being arrested for "hate crimes". If Obama's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, can spout the ugly things he said and not be arrested and his church not lose its tax-exempt status, then why dump on the rest of us who only want the Bible taught in our pulpits (which includes forgiveness of the wrongs done to us or our kin by others and restoration by God). If a preacher of mine says something contrary to God's Word, I think I have sense enough to talk with him about it and if I have to change churches, I can do that too, before I would continue to sit under a preacher who spouts off about this own convictions and not the teachings our God Almighty. We don't need the government in our churches. In fact, I seem to remember something in our government classes that said that we are guaranteed separation of church and state, i.e., the church needs to be in the state, but the state should not be in the churches.

Try not to have a short memory.
Hi Woods Post Office, Kudos to you!!! You write a long letter, but you hit the mark, you brought up so many valid points, and some GOOD ideas. I also believe in CONSERATIVE values, all I can say to others is to read your post, and hope this next 4 years isn't a fiasco, and hope/ work to elect someone next time with better overall qualifications, and less liberal views!! Great letter!!!
Well said WPO.
Hey KB,
What do other groups do to become tax exempt ? Is there a certain criteria that Rainbow Push and some of these other groups have to adhere to that churches arent required to or vise-versa. Some of these other groups dont seem to be held to the same standards as churches.
To be honest, yes. The IRS website details all of them. If I recall correctly, they're divided into religious organizations and social welfare organizations. The website is a maze, sometimes difficult to interpret, sometimes vague, but it can be done.
It seems very possible that many of these "tax exempt" groups may be multitasking. Thanks for the intel KB and SP
First they are Demo's not righteous. Here's your chance don't pull a Jimmy Carter on us.
and while we are at it can we kick those villians from the Iran Contra $%^& from their top tier positions in government and replace them with people who have some ability?

I know Christmas is a ways off, but I've been fairly good this year......
Well said.



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