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If this doesn't shock anyone I will leave the site.
No need to leave. These numbers are truly disgusting.
It is really amazing.
What are you saying the United States doesn't.
It is a shame we don't make anything Jim.
How about we export government, all of it. put them all on a big plane to spain.
That' will make you happy.
I didn't know your were a big liberal philosopher, you got one of those big greek names like jimmyocrotes or how about jimmy crack corn and i don't care.
Bless your heart Pat!

Sometimes Jim says stuff on here that is not always popular or what people want to hear, but sometimes people need to hear it!
Bless you heart Taylor

They have to hear me too but since i'm talking they'll have to read me.
Pat Morrison,
No, sorry, if I agree with you or not, I don't have to read you.
Damn Jim whats an old man like you doing with a 12 year old kid? I am fixing to send my youngest off to college so maybe in 5 years I can get him out of my back pocket.
You just made made the most profound statement on this blog.


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